Entrepreneur Feature: Becky Weeks

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Entrepreneur Feature: Becky Weeks

Meet Ms. Becky Weeks, inspired scientist, and your environmental warrior! Becky is on the front lines if environmental rehabilitation not only getting out and making changes herself but also helping create a generation that cares about the environment! Becky owns a non-profit called Y.E.A. or the Youth Environmental Alliance, that works to bring science to the youth. Originally Y.E.A. worked to bring more understanding of science to teachers in the elementary and middle school levels, but now Y.E.A. works directly with students to bring more science into the schools.  

Y.E.A. started in Florida and only recently moved to the west coast, but if Becky could go back and give herself one piece of advice, it would be to scale sooner! Not only scale sooner, but have a plan on how to scale, and what needs to be done first!

Being a non-profit means that Becky doesn't necessarily have a product or service to sell, no her job is much harder. Becky has to sell the good feeling you get when contributing to society. This often means that Y.E.A. just like any non-profit goes through funding cycles, where sometimes the money is there, and sometimes it is not. But that doesn't stop Becky and the team from working diligently to help restore the earth. This is where Y.E.A brings their motion to the ocean with project R.O.C. (Reclaim Our Coastlines). This project focuses on bringing the coastline back to its original states through beach clean-ups, dune restoration, and so much more! Project R.O.C. is one way you can protect not only the earth but also you home! In fact, with all the recent storms, the dune restoration project proved itself beyond a shadow of a doubt. This means that even with hurricane-force winds, the houses behind the dunes were protected! 

Moving forward this kind of protection can not only save houses, but it can also save lives! That is why Y.E.A. is focused on building community support behind project R.O.C. With local business and city and county, legislative support project R.O.C can get the grants it needs to help reclaim our coastline! 

For Becky, working with Stegela Success Mastery has brought a “home” of entrepreneurs that are all working towards a goal. This family doing life together is Becky’s favorite part! With all the negativity in the world, it is amazing to have members like Becky Weeks, that work towards something more in this world! Thank you, Becky, for being our environmental warrior!

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