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Want to be a Rockstar to your colleagues, your friends, your kids? You have the ability to level up everyone’s game by adding the 'coaching mindset' to your toolbox.

The 'coaching mindset' is a mindset that allows you to listen better, evoke more information, gain more clarity, offer more support, and inspire action that helps the people in your life reach their goals faster. We live in a busy world, a fast-paced culture that thrives on instant gratification. People are yearning for authentic feedback to help them become better in business and in life. That’s where the 'coaching mindset' fits in.

The Coach

We have all had coaches in our lives, but few stop to really realize that they have the opportunity to play the role of a coach in the lives of people that matter to them most. If you think about any athletic coach, what do they do? They watch you play, then they stop, ask you questions and really listen to what you are saying. As they listen to you and ask questions, they are committed to having you see how you think and understand your own situation.

Coaches can slow a process down and are descriptive in the details they provide you with so you can perform that process better next time. Having a 'coaching mindset' will help you slow down a process, break it down step-by-step, and facilitate learning in all of your relationships.  When your colleagues, friends, and kids begin to see how they think and approach their own lives, they have the opportunity to learn, grow, and get better.

The Process

The process of an impactful coaching session is described through Keith Rosen’s L.E.A.D.S. Model (Listen, Evoke, Answer/Respond, Discuss, Support). Keith explains that the coaching framework breaks down into three questions, what, why, and how. What’s going on? Why is this happening? How can we create a new possibility? As Keith explains “you coach the process not the end result.” So if you are coaching a colleague who wants to become a better salesperson (and that’s something you know a lot about) your focus as a coach is their process. Breakdown their process just like an athletic coach would. Slowing the process down and coaching the process will create better results as a byproduct.

And, when the people in your life achieve better results in their lives, you become a Rockstar!


Mitch Simon is an NLP certified executive coach who focuses on leadership through high performance teams. As an entrepreneur, his executive coaching, team training, and leadership programs have made San Diego Business Journal's book of lists for top executive training companies for five years in a row in competition with large corporate companies. He is a stand up comedian, and powerful keynote speaker with the ability to ignite motivation in every person he meets.