Foundation: the beginning of anything and everything.

It's as simple as that; you cannot create anything without some beginning. A thought, that first brick, the basis of a decision that led you one step closer to a goal or destination. Everything you have done up to right now, this very moment, is your foundation to who and what you are today.

One of my favorite stories that illustrate what a foundation truly is comes from a mentor of mine that said, "If I wanted to teach you how to do algebra, could I do it if you didn't know what numbers were?

Think about it, given that you're reading this, I am guessing you've passed the first grade, so you know what numbers are, but if you didn't, I'd have to teach you what a 0 was, I'd have to show you 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 fingers. Then after you learned what numbers were, I would have to teach you about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If you'll recall, it took you 7-8 years to get to the point where you could even begin to do algebra. I am hoping if you've read this far, you did have a chance to experience algebra. My point is, some things take time and businesses are no different. Starbucks didn't become Starbucks overnight. They have been in business since then, and it wasn't until the 1990s when they opened their first overseas store. Now in 2019, they have over 23,000 stores worldwide and are on practicality ever corner.

Me, I am at my beginning. I have been building and creating businesses for eight years now. Last year we finished laying the foundation that will help support our products in the future. Even though it has been a long road, we know that every day we are one day closer than we were yesterday. The knowledge and experiences we incur today, lead us to where we'll be tomorrow.

Everything we do begins somewhere. A gardener's foundation would start with how well he prepared the soil to plant the seed. All decisions of the court are made based upon the grounds of previous decisions. There are just so many examples if you break them down. In a family unit, the relationship between the mother and the father is the foundation for that family, and their core values form and mold the offspring to help build the next generation.

What can I tell you about the foundation that you've never heard before? Maybe not much, but I can tell you about the greatest foundation I know. Now, I am no expert on the Bible, but I do know that in the Bible it tells you to build your foundation on solid rock, and all great builders know that bedrock is the most solid of all. Nothing is stronger than bedrock. Bedrock, the best definition of a foundation I know. Just know that you have to start at the bottom to build your way to the top!


David Blackford, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer has lived and worked around the world. He has a background in marketing and sales, international relations, and project management involving database design and development. His father, knowing his capabilities, enlisted his help to take care of the technical issues. Together they formed A-Leg-Up LLC.