Behind the Curtain of Business


Everyone has an image of their dream business before crossing over into the ‘Land of Entrepreneurship’. Yes, it’s beautiful but a heart-set is mandatory first. What is a “heart-set” you might ask? It’s you keeping the following things at the forefront of your mind and in your heart:

·   Foundational Question.

Oprah Winfrey stated to ask yourself, “What is my truest intention?”

Gary Zukav says to ask, “What is the why behind the why?”

Our starting place should always be what is my motive for starting the business, writing the book or creating the product? Is it for approval, status or because your purpose won’t let you sleep? Our intentions should be examined at the starting place by our hearts

·   Monitor Your Cup.

Teachers, before you go into a school where you pour all of yourself into your students, it’s your responsibility to fill yourself up first. For nurses and therapists who continuously help other people continuously you have to find ways to help yourself. Us entrepreneurs give and give and give, but you must find ways to give yourself. For men and women that serve our country please find ways to serve yourself. Filling yourself up could look like journaling, meditating, exercising, praying or reading. It could even be where you schedule time to do the things you enjoy.

·   Do The Hardest Thing First.

It also easier to just to check off things off our “To Do List” by doing the easiest thing. To change it to a “To Achieve List” and be more productive, start with the hardest thing first. Whether it’s having a tough conversation with a business partner or employee, or even responding to an email from a customer. The hardest thing is usually the most important thing!

·   Guard Yourself From Unwarranted Opinions.

NO ONE doesn’t need to speak over you and to you about your dreams and desires. You have to be the sole protector of your vision, goals and dreams. You also have to accept that all the acceptance you need, must come within. You’ve got this because you have always had that “it” factor!

Remember to set your heart on these things and I guarantee you that you will soar.

Logan Rena


I was the girl always looking for love and recognition outside of myself. My desire to be seen and acknowledged was attached to my self-worth. It took me breaking away from self-sabotaging relationships, losing friends and burying my mother, to understand that self-love is the only gift that will consistently fill me up.


The woman in me learned that pain, insecurities and rejection have to be covered with the makeup of self-love. This is why my heart work is helping women understand and walk in consistent love with who they are.


This is why The Logan Design Project offers your soul a daily vacation. This is done through our affirmation clothing and coffee mugs online boutique, YouTube videos and blogs. Reminders of how great you really are sent to you weekly.


I look forward to growing in more self-love with you.