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What does education mean to you?

We can all agree that education simply means learning and adapting. But, more importantly, influencing others! Our June's featured entrepreneur, Allison Maslan, started her own full-service PR firm at age 25 and is currently mentoring business owners to achieve their dreams.

With the month of June coming to a close, our team at Life By Design likes to summarize what happened during the month involving education. So here it is!

One major event that revolved around self-education would be the Massive Success Breakthrough -- Summer Edition, event held by Stegela Success Mastery. This event was extremely impactful to business owners by showcasing a select handful of entrepreneurs who talked about their successes and their failures. We learn through our failures that all we can do is learn and succeed!

June brought A LOT of attention to education, but more importantly self-improvement. Our new event, Breakthrough: Speak to Influence, consisted of a panel of judges from the Life By Design team. Our judges, Casey Nicole Fox, Jennifer Meim, and Lynda West, helped several speakers overcome their fears and challenges in relation to speaking. Make sure to come to our next event July 16 to change the way YOU present!

Speaking of presenting, Cruzin’ Social Media and Stegela hosted a workshop called “Get Rich Off the Pitch.” Stephen Dela Cruz, owner of 10+ corporations (including Life By Design), showed entrepreneurs just like YOU how he made millions by using simple tricks to influence customers to buy YOUR product! Stay tuned for more events like this by following Life By Design at @LifeByDesignMagazine on Facebook and @LifeByDesign.Magazine on Instagram.

We are so excited for our upcoming Exclusive One Day Mastermind with James Malinchak on June 23rd! James is a private coach who mentors his students on professional speaking and is referred as “The best in the industry” by Les Brown. Varying from 20 to 20,000 people, Malinchak has delivered over 2,000 speeches to entrepreneurs! If you want to make money talking about what you love, you DO NOT want to miss this!

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