Behind the Scenes: October

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This fantastic Women of Worth event was an emotional one! With Casey Nicole Fox speaking to the crowd we had each woman write out her eulogy. Although this may seem slightly dark, women got to stand up and say how she wanted to be remembered. This is a tactic to help you decide exactly what they want to accomplish and work your way back from where you want to go to where you are now. With such an emotional subject it was no wonder we had some amazing breakthroughs! Check out our next W.O.W. event on October 12th

LBD Mixer

Our September Launch featured the amazing Stephen Dela Cruz as the speaker. Who aimed to speak up for suicide awareness month with his intense intro about his own experience wanting to end his life. We had an exciting night from the eight prizes we gave away, to announce the launch of Casey Nicole Fox’s book “I Quit!” on October 1st! For more information about the Networking Mixer and Launch Parties visit

Frank Shankwitz

We had the honor of having the founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation come and speak at Stegela Success Mastery! We got to hear all about Frank’s newest ventures where his story is told in the major motion picture “Wish Man.” We also got to listen to the story behind what inspired Frank to start the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the stories of him growing up.

You Are Bellassima

You Are Bellassima held it’s first La Jolla Women’s empowerment event! This event is open to both men and women and helps bring empowerment into the community. We had a fantastic speaker, De’Anne Nunez, who spoke on the mental blocks that often stop us from feeling empowered! This classy event is sponsored by Bellassima Sea Spa, Prospect's streets only day spa! We would like to send a big thank you to Teresa for helping create a positive impact in your community!

Learn more about Bellassima Sea spa at

Breakthrough: Speak to Influence

Our monthly speaking event was a total hit! This month we heard from some amazing speakers! We got to hear about some amazing subjects from trauma to the effects of plastic bottles on the environment. Public speaking is a great way to boost your influence and create lasting change in your community! Check out our next Breakthrough Speak to Influence on October 22nd!

Kristen Crooks


Kristen Crooks is a personal assistant, ghostwriter, event planner, and speaker. She works closely with all their clients to truly understand their passions, tone, and ideas so their vision can unfold in front of their eyes. In a world that is increasing more digital Kristen hopes to bring her personal touch to each article, and event that she works on. While working with Stegela Success Mastery Kristen found her passion in writing and planning events for those around her. Starting out in Cosmetology and Barbering Kristen has always enjoyed the freedom that entrepreneurship allows but was not living her passion! Now Kristen focuses on helping others through amazing events, and making sure their stories are told, and heard! While events and ghostwriting are part of her passion, the true joy comes form helping people achieve their goals, and ultimately see others dreams unfold before their eyes.