Being Confident As A Woman Entrepreneur…


As I sit back and reflect on sacrifices and what it takes to be an entrepreneurial woman, I reflect on the past and living in the present as a woman entrepreneur. I want to share some of my thoughts and insights, and not to mention the struggles that I have endured on my journey of being a woman entrepreneur!

As a woman, have you ever thought of being your boss, or starting your own business while raising a family? For me, I started having these thoughts when I was a small child watching my mother selling soap in the early 60s! I remember asking her, “Where are you going mommy with all that soap?” Her response was, “I have to go out and make extra money for our family.”

So, out the door and into the car she went. I missed my mother a lot; as I was left with my teenage sister who was seven years older than me and we had nothing in common except our mom. As time went on, I remember having a conversation with her about leaving home quite often. Her response was, “Sweetheart you know I love you, but I have to go out and leave you with your sister while I make extra money to put food on the table and pay the bills.” I’m sure that it wasn’t easy for her to go away from her home and kids and build her business!

At a very young age, I learned the ups and downs of the woman I looked up too, being an entrepreneur, and the sacrifices that a woman goes through as an entrepreneur parent!

Not to mention, I loved when Christmas time rolled around because Santa Claus was very good to me! All that time away paid off and life was good!

Hit fast forward to me now as a middle-aged woman, who is still an entrepreneur and making deals, going to meetings and a lot of networking events giving it my all… You might say I am a serial entrepreneur woman doing my best to create a legacy for my family…

I want to leave these last thoughts with you women out there who have been thinking about becoming an entrepreneur! Even the most motivated women can struggle with the right business idea. For some of you starting, ideas flow smoothly but never get off the ground. For others, your ideas are not so clear and a bit sketchy so they are left alone and never really explored.

I would recommend creating a business plan and do some soul-searching! You can also consider, what you like to do, what are you good at doing, and what would you like to learn to do? Would you like to help change the world? Being your boss and becoming financially independent is a great road to success but always remember it starts with a sound idea!


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Sheri Hendrickson, San Diego, CA Native Entrepreneur is a Leader and Lifechanger with Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles. An emerging newer company, where she is helping people to reclaim their health & wellness across the USA, concerning the Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Obesity.

Sheri is a serial entrepreneur! At 7, she became a sales girl... Now in 2019 she enjoys expanding the young stallion company in a health revival. She is giving people some hope and change, with the World’s only Certified Low Glycemic Functional Product Line.

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