Being Giving


Growing up we often catch the norms and values of the people around us. In my case, I caught the values of my parents. Growing up my parents were very humble and gave. I remember them helping out family members and friends whenever they could. My parents to this day still send clothes and money to our family in Mexico. Their Mexican roots are what I believe has always kept them humble by remembering where they come from. As I grew up, I saw how many people live in different circumstances.

Some people are very wealthy, and some people struggle to get by. Walking in my neighborhood, I would still see a lot of homeless people with very little money, and once I actually had my own money, I would give it or use it to help them out in some way. As I grew up, I saw examples of people helping out communities, and it eventually became a dream of mine to have enough disposable income to create a lifestyle that would allow me to travel the world and help out communities.

Another way I learned to give back to people was by giving someone your time. In high school, I was part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program where I spent some time with my designated little brother during his after school hours. As time went by, I saw how much of a difference just my presence made in his mood. Just by playing soccer or talking about his day I was able to focus my time on someone else and make a positive impact. After that experience, I realized how fulfilling giving back to people can be, and because of this, I hope one day I can be able to influence others to give back to their communities and be more generous to each other.

Arturo Antunez