To get to the level you want to go to, you have to make sacrifices, change your ways, and lose people that are holding you up in the process. This is the key to being UNSTOPPABLE! There’s a lot of people that just want to settle with being “just enough.” You will NEVER be unstoppable with that mentality. For myself, in my early adult years, I always resorted to having the “just enough” mentality. Working just enough to pay my bills, not even focusing on growth within myself. After October 2016, I made the decision to commit to success. Leave the party life behind and go after my dreams and goals. It’s amazing when people start seeing changes in you and proud about who you are becoming. Here are 3 Key Tips to being UNSTOPPABLE!


Education is a HUGE part of life. The two best ways are by reading books (30 min minimum daily) or listening to podcasts/audios instead of listening to music. People like others that are educated and add value to other people’s lives. That’s the best thing about being an educated person, you attract like-minded educated people that can teach even more things. I used to hate reading books, but once I adopted that habit, it started attracting new opportunities my way. It brought things like higher positions or invitations to educate others in all areas of life. “If you’re not learning, you’re dying.”


If you don’t have a plan for your life, someone will plan out your life for you. Planning your life has been more simple than ever, especially with the technology we have today. The best option would be investing into a planner either a yearly or a 3 month one. Personally, I use the BestSelfCo planner that helps plan my days, write out what I want to accomplish in a week, and tracks all of my good habits. If you don’t keep track of whatever you do, how will you grow? Envision how your day, week, month, and year will go and start taking steps on how to make your vision and goals happen. Plan, Track, and Achieve!


When you have a mentor or coach that is consistently drilling you for accomplishing what you said you would achieve, it’s because they want to see you win! Having someone that holds you to your standards helps you grow into a BEAST! Learn from them and take lessons on what made them successful. Learn and surround yourself with the best. Mentorship is really shaping me up to take on whatever comes my way. That right there ladies and gentleman is called being #UNSTOPPABLE.


Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jonny is making it a mission to influence many around the world that are going through suffering by teaching on topics such as Meditation, Abundance, Mindfuless, and keeping a peace of mind. While discovering meditation back in 2013, life changed for Jonny forever. He has worked in countless marketing/sales positions that helped positioned him into Leadership and Entrepreneurship. With a background in the nightlife and finance industry, Jonny’s main goals is to connect deeply to those who need healing in their life and guidance to be a happier person.