Blood, Sweat, and Tears 


When we look at successful people, it's easy to look at the 20% of the iceberg that's showing above the water. It's easy to look at the money and the things and the success and judge. It's easy to make assumptions about people based on their success alone. Too often we don't look at the 80% it took to become successful, for them to create freedom for themselves. 

If you ask any successful person what it took to get there, most times, it took literal blood, sweat, and tears. Becoming successful isn't something that's just handed to us on a silver platter. Even those who come from privileged homes to pay something for their success, maybe their dignity, the love of their parents, living under constant public scrutiny, etc. 

All success costs. It costs our soul. You get knocked down, manipulated, and betrayed. You have to keep getting back on your feet and finding new ways to keep fighting for the things you want. The journey may have started with being able to provide for your family, but the reason you're still fighting is much bigger now. 

I'll be honest, unless you have walked in my shoes, you don't know how much blood, sweat, and tears it took for me to get to where I am today. Same as I don't know how much it took for you. As a society, we are so quick to judge others, but all that does is distract us from our own journeys. You know one of the reasons they put blinders on horses is to keep them solely focused on the goal ahead. 

"Success isn't in addition, it's in elimination."

Blood: The Sacrifice.

Every success takes sacrifice. The larger the goal, the larger the sacrifice. Too often we think that adding more to our plate is going to make us more successful, but it's actually in the elimination. Cutting out all of the things that aren't bringing us any closer to our goal. The more you want to achieve, the more unnecessary stuff you need to cut out of your life.

"Success is an endurance sport."

Sweat: The endurance.

We've all worked out, to some extent. We've all had to run the mile in high school gym class. Any kind of workout takes endurance, physical, emotional, and mental. Success takes endurance. It takes long hours and long nights of cranking the midnight oil, as they say. It takes getting up every time you get knocked down and learning to keep fighting no matter how big our opponent is. 

"Sometimes, we all need to cry a little."

Tears: The rollercoaster.

Life is filled with ups and downs, success is no different. Some days, weeks, and years are more successful than others. Sometimes we cry in fear of losing everything we've built. Sometimes we cry in anger for a betrayal we didn't see coming. Sometimes we cry in happiness for the good things that have happened along the way. Sometimes we cry because we just need to. Tears aren't always a bad thing, and they are a part of the journey. 

For me, freedom is success. The more success I have and the more money I make, the more freedom I can give. I can free villages from poverty. I can free women and children from sex slavery. I can free 'underprivileged' children from the 'ghettos.' I can set generations free by freeing people around the world today. So for me, the cost of the freedom I want to give is high. It takes a lot of my blood, sweat, and tears to change millions of lives today and generations from now.

Freedom means something different to everyone, but if you want freedom, it's going to cost. The fee is blood, sweat, and tears. But don't be afraid, because it's all about the journey. You are loved, accepted, and adored. 

What does freedom mean to you and what are you willing to pay for it?!?


Casey Nicole Fox is an author, speaker, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur. Casey is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Life By Design Entrepreneur Lifestyle Magazine, San Diego’s ONLY print entrepreneurship magazine. She has four for-purpose businesses while also being the COO of the 8 figure empire of Stegela Partners International Incorporated, the umbrella company of Stegela Success Mastery.

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