Book Review: Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins


Do you have a “go-to” for everything? For instance, when it comes to ice cream mine is Creamistry and for thai food it’s Siam Nara. When it comes to books I also have a “go-to”! This book is my go-to for tapping into my innerself. It fascinates me how a book really can change lives. Most great authors want to make sure that we can relate to them so that we too can believe that if it's possible for them it’s also possible for us.

Tony shares his life stories and experiences that impacted his life and uses those stories to create the concepts he shares. In this book he explains the deeper meanings and the behind the scenes of our FEARS. How knowing, understanding, and knowing what to do with FEARS can truly unlock the power we have within us; the power that already exists.

Have you questioned WHY your fears stop you? I have had breakthroughs that helped me understand myself better and how to address my fears in another way. Tony’s understanding of people has shaped the effectiveness and impact of this book. His open questions will get your brain going. You’ll process information that you’ve never heard or thought of before. The book is a simple read and yet intense at the same time.

Tony will teach, help, and guide you through this book to awaken the giant within you. Happy reading!

Jennifer Meim

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Jennifer Meim is a Graphic Designer who works with Entrepreneurs to transfer their vision into fruition. Jennifer has a natural gift of being in tuned with her clients to understand and to see their vision. For at least a decade, Jennifer have supported and worked closely with founders and CEOs to launch their ideas from table talks to tangibles. Jennifer is a self-taught designer, and continuously strive to learn especially with new technologies. Her creative soul and genuine love for people makes her one of the most approachable, dependable, and trustworthy designers in San Diego.