Book Review : Crazy Love

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Infinite Intelligence, The Universe, God, Jehovah, Allah, and etc … we’ve heard these terms used to give a title or identity of some much more powerful & unexplainable being. I have read a good number of books where entrepreneurs put faith in these entities or the supernatural power/force.

Personally, I believe in God. I’ve had my own challenges of finding balance or “harmony” with myself and my spirituality. I picked up this book with the desire to understand more from another one's perspective.

Mixed. Yes, this is what I felt and thought with this book. It is written in a very Christian viewpoint. Part of me understands wholeheartedly of the obligation of a Christian, a follower of Christ, to love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Another part of me understand the principle of abundance where you are a trusted steward of small things and commanded for growth (to scale in business terms). I can see how your views on the matter will dictate how you’ll receive the message of the author.

For me I can see that, “Crazy Love”, the title of the book means “Being In-love”. The author used illustrations, based on his personal life experiences, to explain how he can truly say that he’s in love with God. I know how being in love feels like (yes, my definition may be incorrect from your perspective, for the sake of this article though - it’s true for me) and I have not felt that way towards God. Maybe I have in some moments, but not always. It is definitely a beautiful concept to aim for.

I did appreciate the reminder that it is up to us to make the first move, the move to get close to God. In similarity to our business, it's up to us to initiate to build a relationship with our prospects. The bible has amazing principles that we can apply to our businesses and not just for our personal lives. I encourage you to take notes on the lessons that you can implement in your business.

This book is for you if you have an open mind and for the sake of learning, just want to read something a bit more religious than the typical books on personal development that we tend to read.

Happy reading!

Jennifer Meim


Jennifer Meim is a Graphic Designer who works with Entrepreneurs to transfer their vision into fruition. Jennifer has a natural gift of being in tuned with her clients to understand and to see their vision. For at least a decade, Jennifer have supported and worked closely with founders and CEOs to launch their ideas from table talks to tangibles. Jennifer is a self-taught designer, and continuously strive to learn especially with new technologies. Her creative soul and genuine love for people makes her one of the most approachable, dependable, and trustworthy designers in San Diego.