Book Review: Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill


Instantly I wanted to read this book especially after meeting Ms. Sharon Lechter. If you don’t know who she is, please Google her name. She visited and spoke at our mastermind group. Questions filled my mind right away, like why would Mr. Hill write about the devil? Is this going to be a religious book? How will this book relate to success?


Wow! Talk about a “different” perspective - from knowing more of Mr. Hill’s personal life and cross-concepts of “Think & Grow Rich” principles. I was surprised that Mr. Hill talked about his struggles and failures, in details! I couldn’t put this book down from the moment I started reading because I just wanted to know the next 'thing' and the next 'thought.' This book got me to reflect on my childhood and review my current philosophy of life. The power of thought mixed with desire then applied with action is reemphasized here. It's great to see and connect the dots of the things we learned from the other books that Mr. Hill had written.


Why the Devil? For a good number of people, God is known to be the unseen dominant force of the universe. Isn’t it interesting that the Devil isn't talked about or blamed as much as God? So it's fascinating to read about the thought and reason of the Devil (of course based on the written words of the author). I don’t want to spoil it here so I won't give anything away, know that I sincerely recommend this book :)


Will it be religious? Bible verses were sited, and biblical principles were shared to show what the Devil is saying.


What does it have to do with success? Fear is one of the biggest stoppers for someone’s success. It is very fitting that the Devil can relate to this topic since it’s his expertise. Practical concepts are also revealed to prevent and/or to change circumstances.


Mr. Hill provided great illustrations of how our thoughts project either positive or negative. A reminder that the only limitation we have is ourselves - our thoughts, our desires, and our actions.




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