Book Review Contagious by Jonah Berger


“ ... virality can be created, there is a formula!”

Have you laughed so hard you cried after watching a video from your Facebook feed that just happened to show up because of how much engagement it had? Then, were you also amazed by how it made you feel and were satisfied why it went viral? You and I both had probably said to ourselves, “That was definitely done at the right place, at the right time, and in the right way. I definitely cannot duplicate that! It just naturally happened.”

Interestingly enough, this book talks about the myths of the “common” knowledge of what makes viral and the author reveals a formula: The 6 Key Steps to Make Any Idea or Product Go Viral. Yes, Jonah tells us how to make anything go viral. Would this newfound skill possibly change the direction of your business?

Contagious is a fun and easy read with lots of “hmm” moments. It was written in a conversational theme where the author shares his thoughts and stories with you that simply illustrate the points of each key and how it can be created.

I especially like the examples Jonah used. He broke it down into details that made me see the pieces and how to put it all together. He made me feel and believe that I, too, can make anything go viral; it’s do-able!

I recommend this book if you’re open to acquiring a new perspective on this topic, if you’re looking for the “know how” to make your products/services go viral, and/or if you’re frustrated to expand awareness to your personal brand.

Jennifer Meim

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Jennifer is a Graphic Designer who works with Entrepreneurs to transfer their vision into fruition. She has a natural gift of being in tune with her clients to understand and see their vision.

For more than 10 years, Jennifer has supported and worked closely with founders and CEOs to turn their ideas from table talks to tangibles. Jennifer is a self-taught designer and is continuously learning new technology.

Her creative soul and genuine love for people makes her one of the most approachable, dependable, and trustworthy designers in San Diego.