Breaking Through Obstacles In The Mind


The first step is being aware. Strong awareness can truly let you know where you stand with fear, hesitation, or stress. Being aware allows you to be thirsty for possible solutions. Before you might have had limiting beliefs or lack of confidence keeping you from propelling yourself forward.


Reading books, watching tutorials, and hiring a coach/mentor can take you far. Having a mentor helps you be able to be around someone that you want to emulate. They are further along in overcoming the obstacles you want to overcome, and they can accelerate you by being around them. So as you think about your obstacles, how would you define them? What's something you want to do? What do you see that is keeping you from doing or being that person now? 


Many people get stuck being information absorbers. They buy books or hire a coach to speak with about their obstacles, and they stay stuck just wanting more information. They will buy more levels, learn more steps, get more instruction; then when it is time to step forward, they freeze. Then they hire more professionals to explain how there is something wrong with them because they didn't take that step.


In all reality, you have to take the step. You need to feel all your emotions stepping forward and get done with it. That is the most excellent teacher: experience. That's the best way to see how you did and then filter your experience through the books, coaching, and mentorship you got and will get. 


Take consistent action. Now that you took your step, felt all your obstacles hit your mind, but you took action anyway, the fear is less apparent. Now you are getting in the groove of things. You begin to love the process of coming out of fear, and you realize there is always more time for improvement. And this is where it's a great place to be because the one thing that is on your side is time. The time through action will keep changing and progressing you. 


Surround yourself with a community of people who have the same mindset: never to settle or be ok with the status quo. These people have obstacles as well, but they speak to each other in ways to share solutions and ideas to brainstorm, masterminding to overcome to get to the next thing. Being part of a community that is going in one solid direction is something you can do for yourself. 


Obstacles are never going away. We are the type of people that always want to improve to be the best versions of ourselves. So embrace what is in front of you right now, and jump into it. All it takes is to overcome the first obstacles and then go on to the next with the joy and experience of realizing your success from overcoming the first one. 


After you get the ball rolling, it all comes back to that fact that no matter where you are on the path of life, you having a third eye view is extremely important. Mentorship and the right coaches can save you so much time from mistakes and obstacles still in your mind. So strongly consider getting one in every area of your life.