Behind The Scenes of Stegela February


February was an exciting month for us at Life By Design Magazine! We started off right with our monthly magazine launch and networking mixer. Nearly 170 people showed up to find out who San Diego’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette were!



Next, we headed out to Davide Di Giorgio’s monthly speaker event to watch our fearless leader Casey Nicole Fox speak on abuse and overcoming obstacles as an entrepreneur. But Casey wasn’t the only one to kill it on stage. Jeff Rollon, the president of Y.E.S. (Young Entrepreneur Society), spoke on how Y.E.S. impacts the lives of students.


Without any break for the Stegela and Life By Design crews, we jumped right into MSB (Massive Success Breakthrough). This three-day conference was not only a fantastic experience for our team to put on, but was also filled with incredible breakthroughs in attendee’s businesses and lives. All three days we enjoyed amazing speakers such as Caleb and Matt Maddix, John Spencer Ellis, Mark Lack, Kevin Stimpson, and Nicholas Bayerle. Not to mention all of the Stegela Success Mastery members who spoke! We at Life By Design are proud of Dave Evans, Jeff Rollon, Rommel Cabal, Lynda West, and Steve Meim for inspiring those at Massive Success Breakthrough. If you missed this fantastic event, make sure to get the videos to achieve a breakthrough of your own!


Our last event of February was the Speaker Open Mic Night! This event is all about getting up and improving your speaking. So many amazing speakers came out and received valuable feedback on how to improve their speaking and make a more significant impact on the world.


February was an amazing month for us at Life By Design Magazine. We cannot wait to see what fantastic events will come this month!


by Kristen Crooks

Editorial Assistant