Build Your Foundation


NO MATTER WHAT! BUILD IT! I remember going to college, I wanted to stop going and just start fresh because I didn’t see a point to college. Then when my Mom talked with me about it, she said, “Continue if you want to build a strong foundation.” I didn’t understand it at the time, but 10 years later...I finally got it. 

Start Wherever You Are

Did you know the people who have successfully accomplished the things you want in life had to actually START somewhere? No one is special, and at the end of the day, it’s all about building your legacy. So many folks want to jump miles ahead and forget the little things, but guess what, those little things are just as important as those big steps you want to take. Be okay with starting wherever you are and just go at the pace you want to go. Remember, this is a story you would want to tell people who want to be at the top with you. 

Plant Seeds For Your Brand

You are no different than Bill Gates. He had to plant seeds to get to where he is today and what’s interesting is that he has the same 24 hours as you do. Each day that arrives, you have opportunities to build up your brand. For example, are you networking with people at events? Are you making videos? Are you dropping value? Whatever it is, you need to put in the energy of putting yourself out there so people can work with you and pay you for your services. Plant seeds daily!

Plant Today For 5 years 

Have the mentality of whatever you do today will make an impact for the next four years.  It can be positive or negative, but you are fully responsible. I ask the question to everyone I meet, “Where do you want to be in 5 -10 years?” Most people don’t even know, and that’s okay too. But, understand whatever you do today, you are building upon your foundation for future generations not only in your family but throughout the world.


Dominic is a motivational speaker and a very passionate serial entrepreneur. Born in New Orleans with the gift of speaking and raised in Boston, MA. Dominic lives his life to the fullest, and his gift is speaking to energize business owners just like you so that you can have more production from your team, more sales, and live life more.