Build Your Tribe Organically – Become Invaluable


“Tribes make our lives better, and leading a tribe is the best life of all.” Seth Godin

Have you discovered the power of a tribe?

Building your own tribe is a game-changer for those who want to make an impact in this world. It’s how you become recognized. It’s how you develop loyal followers and supporters. It’s how you go from good to great.

A Tribe is defined as “a social division in a traditional society consisting of communities linked by social, economic, or religious ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.”

By building a tribe of people who have the same common interest as you, you become the person they look up to. They trust you because they have resonated with your view of the world. As such, you become the recognized leader and build a tribe of people who want to hear from you. Remember, “Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting those that don’t.” Seth Godin

Build Your Tribe Intentionally

Don’t leave the image of yourself and your vision to be carried off by the wind. Create it with purpose and passion – with specific intention. You need to decide who you are, what you want to be, and what you want to be known for. Then develop a larger, greater, more passionate vision of it – a vision that others can get behind and rally. Know where you want to lead this tribe so they know whether they want to follow.

Build Your Tribe Authentically

Show your whole self to the world. Be open, vulnerable, transparent, and caring. Get to know others and let others get to know you. Go deep, very deep. People are drawn to those they can relate to, so share the depth of who you are and embrace your tribe as your own.

Build Your Tribe Honorably

Nobody will stick with someone who proves to be dishonest. Both in your message and the messages you share, ensure authenticity and honesty is what you portray.

Build Your Tribe Consistently

The cornerstone of every tribe is consistency – consistency in your intentions, consistency in your authenticity, consistency in your honorableness, and, most importantly, consistency in your message. Life throws us enough curve balls; don’t be another one. People like knowing what they are going to get. Deliver your message with the same consistency every single time.

Building your tribe organically is how you make yourself invaluable to others. By getting to know you and resonating with you, they trust you and make you their recognized leader.

Now get out there and build your tribe.

Janine L. Holman

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Janine Holman is a freelance writer, photographer, and travel blogger - founder of Life Beyond Awesome – a site of travel journeys for adventurers, foodies, and lovers of luxurious things.  Her stories cover both local and international travel and focus on diving into cultures and communities and the people who make them thrive.  She invests time in learning how to best travel on a dime – being money smart and maximizing travel dollars while still enjoying the luxurious side of life (spas, restaurants, quaint places to stay, etc.).  Janine covers all kinds of topics and is known for being adventurous, enjoying the outdoors, and embarking down the path less traveled.  Most of all Janine enjoys sharing her life’s adventures and showing others how they too can design a Life Beyond Awesome.