Build Your Vision Network

The network we create as an entrepreneur determines the success of our business. Typically when we meet new people, we learn a bit about them and the type of referrals they need. This works OK.  Building a Vision Network is way more effective.

By spending some time to learn the vision that lights up other entrepreneurs, we are able to give them referrals that align with their vision for their life.  We also are able to enroll them into activities that they will be happy to support.

To determine someone's vision, you can begin by asking questions that will allow them to dig deeper and reveal the things that motivate them. You can tell when you've tapped into someone's vision, as their eyes will open wider, light up and sparkle. Think of this as a gift to allow them to align their actions with their deepest desires to serve in this world.  You will be able to serve them better if you know their vision.

A vision is different from a goal.  A vision can be reached from many different directions whereas a goal is specific, measurable and time-bound.  For example, “I want to help underprivileged children get a better science and math education” is a vision. A goal springing out of that vision is “I want to build a school in Honduras for 30 students by the end of 2019.”  After that goal is complete, I can set another goal within the same vision, and I will continue to live in my vision by setting new goals.

Use this list of open-ended questions to elicit the things an entrepreneur is passionate about, the things that drive them.

What do you enjoy doing? What are you passionate about? When was the first time you did that?

If you had all the money in the world and had traveled everywhere, what would you do now?

What really pisses you off?

What did you want to be as a child?

What 2 things have always been true for you?

How do you feel you are a gift to this world?

What do you love doing that you never get tired of?

Once you see their eyes light up, you can go deeper.

I can see that in you; tell me more...

Why is _____________ important to you?

Once you've written their vision in your CRM, you'll be able to invite them to events they will be excited about. You can refer them to people who will be ideal clients for them in addition to people who will help them achieve their vision.  If the vision of a referral client aligns with the vision of your entrepreneur friend, they will be more successful serving that client. For example, if you refer a new accounting client who supports a charity which aligns with the vision of your entrepreneur accountant, they will have a better working relationship.  Building a Vision Network is a win-win for you and your network of entrepreneurs.


Janice Bell trains and coaches people to have the time freedom and money freedom to live in their life’s purpose by investing in real estate. She owns rentals, apartment buildings and flips houses. She also hosts a Real estate meetup in North County San Diego to train people how to invest passively in real estate through their IRA and retirement accounts. She is living her life’s dream by creating a non-profit focused on Ocean Conservation and Education