Business - A Game for Two

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri |

Business is much like a marriage: If you don’t absolutely love what you do, your close friends will be the first to know.


Below are five reasons you must LOVE what you do.


1) It’s a relationship; you need a foundation. You may not love every single one of its aspects everyday, but you must love its core principles to keep showing up everyday. A good relationship has many agreed principles that keep it running smoothly. If you aren’t thinking in terms of the long-run, you are probably setting this relationship up for a messy ending.


2) There are many telltale signs. Do you remember the first time you found out someone liked you back? It was a wonderful feeling knowing someone else in this world thought the same way of you, as you did of them. A good business runs on treating your customers the same way you want your customers to treat your business. Treat them right and they will be sure to always have a good word in their heart to say about you.


3) Be the first to give. I’m sure we have all tried in a relationship at one point or another to tell the other what we want them to do. It took some wisdom and maybe some advice from others that have been doing it longer to understand the true power of giving first. If you want a customer that never wants to stop giving you their business, understand the reward system of “Giving Value First” that will keep that relationship never wanting to end.


4) Talk is cheap, but money talks. Money is very similar to relationships. If you don’t treat it right and with respect, it won’t come back to you. You have to spend your money with due-diligence as a business. If you’re allocating your funds in all the wrong places, it will be sure to have something to say, if it decides to speak to you at all.


5) If you love something, say so. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing the words, “I love you” from someone you know that means it genuinely. Reward your customers with appreciation in many different forms, just as a reminder that you haven’t stopped loving them. If you can do this often, you will build a loyalty that is so strong, it will go nowhere else but straight to the heart.


Marc Beatty


Marc Beatty is a speaker, writer, up-and-coming author, thought leader, and is passionate to help others see the world through intentional "On Purpose" living.