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Charlie Jabaley is an entrepreneur that retired at the height of his career. Not because he had made enough, finished his dreams, or didn't love it, but because he believed in the reality of magic. At the age of eight years old Charlie started his entrepreneurial journey. While Charlie was a large kid, he always had a dream of being an athlete, but for some reason, he couldn't seem to get the weight off. When Charlie looked around at his peers, he saw so many that were good in their fields, and soon he would ask himself, "What am I going to be good at?" His family sold vacuums, and he loved the idea of being able to control his income. This lead him to calling himself ‘CEO Charlie.’ When he was young, he came to school every day in a suit with a briefcase, as he got older, he started many small ventures and believed that he would be great. 

As a teen, he saw many around him starting to rap; Charlie had a vision of having his own studio. So when he went home, he asked his mom if he could build a studio in his room. From that the music empire he would be known for would explode. After creating a website for independent artists, Charlie was asked to do the video for Soulja Boy. But soon after he was fired from his job at interscope records. This landed Charlie back with his mom, but he is so grateful for that experience because it allowed him to see who was making the real money in the music industry, the managers. 

The next chapter of Charlie's life was a constant hustle to work his way up to be a Hip Hop manager. But at the top of his career, after winning a Grammy with Two Chainz, Charlie was in rough shape. Charlie found himself three-hundred pounds and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is when he walked away from his career and decided to follow his childhood dream of being an athlete. While it seemed to make no sense at the time to anyone else, Charlie looked at his life as a movie and decided his story wasn't going to be that of a kid that made money and died. 

Now Charlie uses his story from a millionaire and 300 pounds to living his dream and becoming a Nike athlete. 

But if you ask Charlie, “What advice would you go back and give yourself?” He would say, “I wouldn't.” He would say, “The reason is that everything happened exactly how it was supposed to.” If Charlie hadn't put his dream away and went into hip hop, his story would not have been as impactful. If he hadn't worked through losing 130 pounds and having a brain tumor, he wouldn't be able to inspire people on the level he does now. So the only thing Charlie would tell himself is, “Just start.” 

Charlie believed in himself and because of that, he found a formula that combines the law of attraction with the law of action. Having seemingly unrealistic dreams, Charlie had to think that there is more out there and that every action would help him attract the dreams he knows will come true. But how does Charlie know these dreams will come true? Charlie said, “Because it’s already done, time just hasn't caught up yet.” This is how Charlie lives his life. 

The first day he trained for his Ironman, Charlie was already an Ironman, time just hadn't caught up yet. This is true with all of Charlie's dreams; he has already impacted millions of lives; time just hasn't caught up yet. 

With this belief, Charlie found that not enough business conferences focus on the magic that life allows. That is why you will hear Charlie speak about the real magic in life, and how you can tap into that magic to make your dreams come true. 

But don't just take our words for it! Listen to Charlie's journey to finding mental toughness, and how you can gain the mental toughness that we often associate with real-life badasses. 

Now Charlie is working towards passing the Navy Seal test, to show that every person in their world can develop the mental toughness of our real-life heroes! Beyond Charlie’s work as a speaker and an event host, he teaches the most through his actions! So make sure to follow Charlie to learn as much as you can through his everyday life! 

If you could take one thing away, remember that magic is REAL, you have to find the ways to tap into it!

Charlie Jabaley


A young CEO millionaire of Hip-hop management company, Street Execs, Charlie sold millions of records, changed the trajectory of marketing to millennials, and guided the careers of influential artists like Grammy award-winning 2Chainz. Charlie has rerouted his ambition of making millions of dollars into a new mission to transform one million people's lives.


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