Business Tips From the Movie “Nightcrawler”


Nightcrawler, 2014, an American thriller, is an engaging movie about an unemployed man desperate to survive who became a crime journalist after witnessing a crime in Los Angeles. As an entrepreneur, here are a few tips you can learn from the movie:


Success is the result of desperation. Burning desire and laser focus give you tools to fight your inner battle over self-doubt and fear. Tap into your survival energy to follow your dreams despite adversity. Burn other bridges and take huge calculated risks.

2. VISION        

Visualize the future by reinventing yourself. Act like a character you wish to become. Adopt success habits and unleash the power of your mind. Fake it until you make it. Charisma and self-belief are magnetic to the public.


Choose a prize so huge that it moves you. Engineer your world in your cognition prior to manifestation. Schedule your dream by smaller to do tasks to turn the invisible into the visible. Master time management and be committed to find a way.


Think like an influential expert in your field. Become your clients’ best advocate and educator, which give you an authority status. Focus on micro-specialization and use trust triggers. Commit to a lifetime education in your field and use technology in learning.


Entrepreneurs who adopt an internal locus of control assume innovative strategies and attain competitive advantage. Believe that your future is determined by your choices and you have more control over the outcome than external circumstances.

Ava Khamooshi


AVA IS AN ENTREPRENEUR, AND THE FOUNDER OF AMERICAN DREAM CENTER OF EXCELLENCE. She is a Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. She has Certifications in Nutrition for Beauty, Mindfulness, Natural Holistic Remedies, Body and Skincare, Fashion, and Interior Design.  She has a Master's in Genetics Counseling, and a Bachelor's in Microbiology. She's completing her PsyD, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at California Southern University. During her professional career, she has helped more than 10,000 people with personal and professional development in the areas of finance, healthcare, technology, and real estate investments. She has had the honor of transforming the life of people from all around the world, from Middle East, to Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. She has helped individuals dealing with Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, Codependency, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Social Phobia, Low Self-Esteem, Weight Management, Sexual Dysfunction, Family Conflict, Dating, and Dysfunctional Relationships. She is experienced in cases regarding Domestic Violence, Verbal, Emotional, Mental, Financial, Physical, and Sexual Abuse. She initiated programs for Debt Management, Career Development, Investment Portfolio, Skill Development, and Tax Resolution.  She is a Life Coach, Health Coach, and a Career Coach.