Change in Mindset for the Thriving Minority Entrepreneur


The environment you grow up in can place you in a mentality of complacency. That same mentality will bind you from the freedom you deserve to attain. You will never get the chance to live the life you were chosen to create and fulfill your own destiny. This is what it feels like to be a minority in America unless you do one thing: Change your mindset. 

Growing up in the south as an African American, there were few minority entrepreneurs in my hometown. The ones that I did know of personally, either had short-lived, illegitimate businesses or had part-time businesses to help provide income to their families. Very few actually owned a business and knew how to successfully keep it running for many years to come.

To me, however, this did not seem right. I did not understand why a city like Jacksonville with a large percentage of African Americans and other minority groups did not thrive with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Was it due to financial reasons?

Was the thought of being an entrepreneur a daunting and unreachable idea?

Does the number of children an individual has prevent him from starting his own business?

There could be many reasons, but I did not understand this because my father instilled great values in me as a kid about being a diligent worker and obtaining what I truly desire in life.

On a random summer day during high school, while alone in my room, I closed my eyes and pictured seeing myself in a room full of people from all walks of life. Each person offered something special to give to this world. As I walked to each person, I engaged in conversation to learn more about where they were from, what they were good at and how I could help with their overall purpose in life.

When I opened my eyes, I smiled as I believed that this was the life I designed for myself to inherit. I was meant to help people through giving. Giving of my time, service, gifts and talents is what I truly desired to gain in life.

Since I could visualize it, the only thing missing was the action behind it. No matter what people said to me, I had to ignore their opinions, pave my own path for my life and start living for me and only me.

That led to me attending college, earning my Bachelor’s degree in 3 years, obtaining a Master’s degree by the age of 25, reaching a six-figure income at the age of 27 and starting a career counseling agency, The Corporate Pimp, at age 31.

Being a minority in America does not have to prevent you from being successful as an entrepreneur. All it takes is for you to change your mindset and take action on owning your business and being your own boss.

Joshua Caleb Jackson, MBA


Native Floridian, Joshua Caleb Jackson from Jacksonville always had the desire to give back to others in an unprecedented way. After 10+ years of success in his corporate career, Jackson decided to write and publish his book, How to Pimp Corporate America in 2015. Jackson’s book focuses on providing tips to the working professional with a goal to achieve success in their career endeavors.

Jackson’s concept and ‘Pimping Methodology’ earned him television interview appearances with FOX News, ABC News and The Book Circle Online. In 2016, Jackson started and completed a nationwide motivational speaking tour, The Revolutionizing Pimping Tour to 39 states and 88 cities in 6 months. In conducting 58 motivational speaking presentations, Jackson touched and inspired thousands of lives.

Jackson recently relocated from Los Angeles, California to San Diego, California. Jackson established presence of his corporation, The Corporate Pimp in downtown San Diego as the Executive Director. You can find Jackson during his leisure time traveling internationally, eating from a myriad of cuisines, or writing literature underneath a sycamore tree.