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When you think Dan Fleyshman, what do you think? Serial entrepreneur, Angel investor, humanitarian? Although all of these are true, nothing shines brighter, then Dan's ability to create massive impact through job creation and charitable acts. But here is the best part... you can be just like him! Dan started his entrepreneurship journey twenty years ago by branding, “who's your daddy?”. This entrepreneur tycoon was built out of a sheer need to hustle. From needing money and working every day to do whatever he could to get it, Dan found entrepreneurship, and that was it. Once he found himself building companies and creating an impact, he couldn't give it up. 

Now Dan focuses on how he can create an impact in the world, and how he can change lives. Through starting and investing in companies, Dan creates hundreds of job. These hundreds of jobs go on to affect thousands of families and shifts the economy to make even more significant change. Each job Dan creates has the power to change an entire family's life. 

Looking at the life of someone like Dan can seem so overwhelming, but there is one quote that allows him to create that kind of change in the world. 

"Don't talk about it; be about it." 

This is the difference between living a life for yourself and living a life that impacts thousands. Saying one day, you will create a fishing lure business is so common. But with the resources today you could easily buy the domain, register the company, and build your site to start selling in days. The only difference between living your dream and saying you will is the actions you take. 

Today it is so common to find people stuck in the stage of analysis paralysis, where nothing ever gets done. But there is a straightforward step to getting yourself out of this state and into success. Just take action. Newton's third law of physics states that an object in motion will stay in motion, but an object at rest will stay at rest. This applies to you as well. If you stay at home, continually thinking about what you will do, you are not in motion. But the second you take action, you begin to create momentum in your life. 

While getting yourself in motion is the first step that doesn't mean friction won't slow you down. One of the leading causes of friction in personal and business relationships is miscommunication. Think of a time you were at home, you planned a lovely night with someone, and they told you they would be at your door at 6:30. But they instead show up at 7:45. This is a prime example of friction. This could lead you to feel lied to, unimportant, and a vast array of negative emotions. But If instead, they showed up at 6:20 they have fulfilled their end of the deal, leading to a wonderful night that you planned. This is the basic idea behind contracts. 

Whether it be with your business partner or your mother having a contract creates clear communication and expectations. This will cause less friction and allow you to continue your journey in motion much easier! Don't let the idea of a contract create a negative emotion in your mind, Remember if someones why and purpose in life is to create massive change loves contract, it's ok for you to use them too! 

Business isn't the only thing that can be as simple as taking action. Starting to live a more charitable life is too! Charity is so much more than just donating money to a foundation, and it can be something as simple as helping your friend, making sandwiches for those less fortunate, or taking some time out of your day to impact another person. Too many people these days live thinking that their energy and time can't make a difference. But to that Dan would say. “just get started”. Not every charitable act is donating millions of dollars. If you think back to a time when someone went out of their way to help you and remember how that made you feel, you can begin to understand that you can create that feeling in others.

Something that may seem insignificant to you could change someones entire life. So don't discount your time and your energy, but instead invest it in making a change in the world. When you make small actions every day to change someone's life, you will begin to see massive changes in your community and your life.

In a day where there is so much information around you, it might not be a bad idea to learn a thing or two from Dan! If you are struggling with your business or your brand, you can find help here! Dan has built a course for personal branding, and you can get a free book from Dan by going to

Dan Fleyshman


Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. By age 23, he had sold 15 million dollars worth of clothing in six department store chain. Dan then went on to launch the “Who’s Your Daddy” energy drink into 55,000 retail stores and military bases across North America.


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