Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

10 Tips for Men on How to Network With Women


I am a networking pro and I have noticed that there are many women who have had bad experiences when networking with men. Never fear, men, because I have the solution on how to gain positive business relationships without coming off like a creep.

These ten tips from women I have interviewed will help you and your business accelerate.

1) Many women have natural intuition, and they can read your poker face. What is your intention when you go to a networking event? To make a new connection? To spew your business idea? To hit on every woman you meet?

Whatever it may be, most women will know before you even introduce yourself. Ask yourself: what is my goal? How do I put myself out there?

When you approach women who are professional, go with the right intention, or it will be game over before you know it.  

2) Hygiene! It is important to look and smell good. No woman or man is going to talk to an individual who has bad breath, foul body odor, and who is dressed inappropriately for the occasion. Tip: keep breath mints with you.

3) Don't braindump advice in a “this is what you need to do” way. Instead, offer connections and suggestions in a "this is what I experienced" way.  

4) Keep it all about BUSINESS. Do not comment on women's hair, clothes, or their figure. In a business context, it will NOT be interpreted as a compliment. The same way you would not necessarily comment about a man’s appearance. How you treat women will show how you want to be treated by women. I can't believe I had to type that.

5) Be genuine! Look them in the eye and be confident. Don’t be a creep. If you have interests other than business networking, then the event is not a place to practice those.

6) Know your audience at any networking event. This helps you engage with the right people and keep good conversations going. Be yourself and try to figure out if there’s something valuable you can offer each other.

7) Be professional, friendly, and willing to help and connect. Listen more than you speak. They say it's good to start with a compliment, but be careful what you compliment. Ask how you could help them.

8) Be clear about your objectives. By doing so, connecting with people becomes a lot easier because now they have something to focus on.

9) Be respectful of her space, make eye contact (longer than 2 seconds), and engage in a friendly conversation.

10) When you schedule a coffee meeting, be sure to select a safe location that’s near her or midway between her and you. Consider a location with good parking in case she wears heels.

Now check yourself before you get out there.

Yoichi Kato


Yoichi Kato is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and a Navy veteran. He is a master business networker & connector who is always connecting people. He is also an amazing Chef who provides private chef services all over San Diego. Yoichi loves to help others and see them thrive.