Christine McDannell

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Profile Headline: Make every moment count

Ultimate goal: To create companies and creating jobs!


This bachelorette could be called one of the bad girls of entrepreneurship! She has created and sold seven companies from scratch and is currently working on company numbers eight and nine! Her first venture of 2018 is Kindred Quarters, which is a space for like-minded entrepreneurs to live and elevate their businesses together. If you are looking for a new place to live in San Diego or L.A., you need to check out the amazing houses before all the spots fill up. Her ninth business is a luxury car rental business. This appeals to her because she loves cars and motorcycles!



Christine’s best advice is to stay focused and not get distracted! Get tunnel vision for your own venture and work at it every single day, even if it’s just something small. It will be much harder to go all in on your business if you are easily distracted! Although she is amazingly driven in her businesses, she knows that when love happens it will just happen for her! Although he doesn’t need to be an entrepreneur, her significant other should be ambitious and love what he does!


Becoming an entrepreneur has totally changed Christine’s view on dating. Her biggest issue about dating as an entrepreneur is knowing that if the date goes bad she could have been working to further her business.


Business always comes first, so Christine finds it very difficult to date! Finding the right person who can fit into her busy schedule as a successful entrepreneur is difficult, but the right man will be able to step into that role and accept that her business is number one.