Commit to Following Through!


What was your New Year's resolution? Was it to gain or lose weight? Start budgeting? Make 6 extra figures? I want you to look back to a little bit ago and recall the moment the clock struck midnight, marking a New Year; notice every single detail, do you remember what you told yourself? Remember the excitement because you thought this was “your year”? All the stuff you had planned for yourself, is GONE! You see, FOUR out of FIVE of you who are reading this didn’t COMMIT to your New Year’s resolution and failed yourself by February FIRST! I mean come on, you lasted ONE month?!

Cooking has ALWAYS been my passion, I would visit my aunt's house who was a chef and asked her to “teach me” how to make brownies, practically every night. Being a kid, I was tired of eating the same thing over and over again, so I started adding twists to improve the recipe! No matter how many times I messed up on the recipe by adding a little too much of something, I ALWAYS pushed through and tried something different, I was committed to getting my sweet fix and making the perfect brownie! This caused my passion for cooking to EXPLODE!

After making different sweets and meals for over 10 years at home, I am now a cook at the best taco restaurant in San Diego called LOLA 55, which has been featured on, LBD Magazine, and even voted the “best casual restaurant of 2018” according to Eater Magazine! See, pursuing my passion as a future chef has been EXTREMELY difficult, I was and still am the weakest link in the kitchen. Compared to everyone else, I was too slow, my knife skills were horrible, and my presentation skills were even worse. But the executive chef kept telling me “just one percent a day,” meaning improve yourself 1% every day and in a year, you'll be 37 times BETTER at the start of the following year, than when you started! So I listened to the chef's advice and pushed myself VERY hard to better myself, after every shift I would ask and still ask all 3 chefs, “What could I have done better today?” Because of my lack of skill in the kitchen, my New Years goal was to be a WAY better cook and start improving my cultural culinary knowledge. I will never be the best in the world, but I am committed to being my personal best every second of every day!

Because of what I am learning from these inspiring chefs, I now cook for serial entrepreneurs all over San Diego and have a facebook foodie group, called “Penthouse Foodies” made for people just like you who want to share their meals and learn how to COMMIT to making better meals for everyone around them! I challenge you to COMMIT to your new year's resolution like I have to mine! If yours is to “Eat Healthier,” then join my facebook group and share your recipes/meals, I would LOVE to help you COMMIT to your goals (;  


“Mini Chef” Leandro Brandao is an 18-year-old foodie with a passion for cooking! Leandro has been putting twists on your average meals since he was a child, and aspires to be the next “Gordon Ramsay”! Leandro works at the best taco restaurant in San Diego called, LOLA 55, where he aims to ultimately work his way up to being an Executive Chef and multi-restaurant owner. Leandro created a facebook group called “Penthouse Foodies” for people just like you who love to share their daily meals, favorite recipes, and share the meaning behind their meal! Leandro is starting a penthouse cooking show and many video courses on cooking the best meals for foodies just like you! Leandro has authored FOUR books and is editor of San Diego's ONLY print entrepreneur magazine, Life By Design Magazine, where he has had opportunities to edit for Les Brown, Forbes Riley, and many more entrepreneurs including YOU!