Commitment = Mindset


When people usually think of commitment they feel the stresses that come with a promise. Or it’s a word people avoid because it tethers them to significant responsibilities.

We have to understand that every person on the face of the earth shows some sort of commitment every day. Commitment doesn’t have to a major event that stresses you out. The key is to fulfill small commitments that can be practice for following through on big things.

You see, every day you commit to waking up, If you are lazy, you are at least committed to hanging out in your bed and checking your social media. You are committed to surviving by grabbing food whether its healthy or not. You have to realize that in your mindset you already are someone of commitment at some level. You are committed to you waking up, to dinner, to social media, to you checking your emails, to checking your bank account, to your job, to your personal business, to your employees. The goal is to take this mindset and realize that you are someone of commitment already and all you have to do is follow through on all things.

If you are someone that is successful in business and you have shown commitment to its growth, have you also demonstrated a commitment to everything else like your health? Are you well off but eat like you are not committed to your well being? Are you someone who has a six pack but doesn’t follow through with your commitment to your loved ones?

No matter where you are on the spectrum, there is no reason to judge yourself but to realize all you have to do is broaden your net of commitment because it’s something you already do.

See, you are reading this magazine because you are committed to the growth of your mind. You are on the right track, and I support you. It's still the beginning of the year. Don’t be scared of committing to your goals and surrounding yourself with the right tribe, accountability, and coaching you need to see you follow through.