Commitment Requires Accountability


I am not a writer, an influencer, a speaker, and most of the time I question whether I want to be an entrepreneur. It’s funny how once you commit to something, you don’t seem to realize how difficult it can be to achieve it until the passion and motivation begin to decline. I’ve tried to quit more times than I can remember. I begin to think how easy it would be to just go back to working a full-time job with benefits and nights and weekends free. To just binge-watch Netflix and go to my favorite bars, to have time for dating and relationships and actually be able to say, “I’m bored.”

And then... right when I’m about to quit, I have people like Mary Hang and Stephen Dela Cruz messaging and calling me to remind me what it is that I am doing. To re-install the dreams I have. It sounds like they kindly hold my hand and gently tell me, but in reality, accountability is more like spraying cold water on my face. Fulfilling commitments isn’t easy, and you need to be tenacious and vigilant in pursuit of your dreams. You see, commitment for me would not be possible without accountability. It’s the people that support you that ensure you fulfill your commitments.

Who is holding you accountable? Do you have a coach, a mentor, a friend that will help redirect you when you stray from your commitments? I am as strong as the people who I surround myself with. I can make commitments on more substantial levels and achieve goals I never thought possible because of the people who are in my life. Commitments do not have to be achieved alone. Commit today to find mentorship and quality people to help you achieve those world-changing goals of yours and become the most magnificent self you can possibly be.


Evan Dolezal is a speaker, certified relationship coach, and affiliate marketer. He is passionate about helping Coaches to effectively market their business and generate compatible clients. He moved to San Diego from Chicago with his Fiancé five years ago for the weather and to start his entrepreneurial journey.