Commitment Sucks!

Commitment blows! One day you could be in a relationship with the person you really love, and then the next day they decide they don’t want to be with you anymore. You spent all that time committing to one person, but you forgot something… you forgot to commit to yourself.

We Forget Who We Are

You see, we forget who we are when we focus on making a relationship work. We forget who got our backs from day 1 and we forget who the hell we are. If you relate to all of the things I have stated in the previous sentences, then you would know that you were in a toxic relationship.

Well, I got good news, and I got bad news. The bad news is that really sucks, and you’ll have to live with that memory for the rest of your life. The good news is that you can learn from and life gets better when you find yourself.

Finding Yourself

I’m not putting down all committed relationships on this one, but I am putting down the toxic ones because they lost themselves. However, there is that one feeling that feels so damn good, and that is finding yourself, your values, and your goals. How do you get there is by letting go of what was holding you back! I know that I said commitments sucks, but they don’t suck when it’s directed towards your goals and dreams.

Great Power Comes With Great Responsibilities

You forgot who you were, then you found yourself, and now you are here in the moment where you are about to embrace great power. When you keep striving to be better after a heartbreaking failed commitment, you find ways to improve your life. The more ways you notice, the more power comes with it, and the more power that comes with it comes with significant responsibilities.

The fire is from within, and it’s up to you if you want to be greater than your past. Commitments can suck, but it’s a lot easier to make when you are smarter, stronger, and wiser.


Dominic Cruz is the CruzIN Social Media Marketer, ex-professional hip-hop dancer, & college graduate at SDSU. He has a strong passion for social media and for what it has to offer to business owners like you. He was raised in the city of Boston, MA and born in New Orleans, LA. Every day there is something new in the world of social media and there are multiple ways of getting paid using social media. It's the platform that brings you exposure and with more exposure is more opportunity to bring in GUARANTEED revenue.