Converting Contacts into Real Opportunities


Without spending $1000's in marketing and building fancy funnels.


There is a unique formula to achieve what you desire in today's rapidly changing marketplace.  This short article will point you in the right direction and give you access to powerful free tools that you can use right now in your life and business.  

If you want to make your investments of time, money, and energy really matter so that you can thrive, don't throw them into the digital sea, hoping something works.  Contrary to popular belief, the greatest investment we can make is not in our self, it is in our tribe. Build your tribe and inspire it to thrive, and your tribe will build you back.

4 Fatal Hurdles Facing Professionals and Small Businesses

  1. We have an online culture of speaking without listening and producing marketplace noise.  Each of us has reduced our attention span, but we do everything we can to speak more as the audience listens less.

  2. Buyers have retreated to their protective castles to keep out predatory sales inundation, making them hard to reach.

  3. Mega Giants with mega budgets are dominating digital space, drowning out small businesses and professionals.  Good for them, bad for everyone else.

  4. ***If it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, good luck!  Things will change before you get there. Then what will you do?

The theory is that we all will build marketing funnels that will bring us everything that we desire.  If this is a reality, then millions would be succeeding, and that just isn't the case. Most of us are going to have to grow our influence in a unique way, and that is what thriving tribe will do for you.

"Tribe is not something.  It is everything. All that you interact with is in your tribe.  

How you interact determines if it will thrive."

As the co-founder of and the Biz Dev Pro, I can speak from a place of experience of growing income quickly, creating new opportunities and making an impact on people's lives all around the world.  Learn the formula, apply what you learn, observe the outcomes, pivot regularly, and repeat the process.

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Get started now and begin converting your contacts and network into a thriving tribe so that you can enrich your life and business, enrich whom or what you interact with and better the global tribe in the process.  Text "THRIVENOW" to 55222 for this 100% free gift.

Quick Thriving Tribe Tip

Scroll through your phone contacts and see how many contacts it takes to find 10 people you haven't contacted in over a month.  Now send those 10 contacts a text message and let them know you regret not being in touch more and ask what they are working on these days.  Best of Success! Brett Labit-co-founder of and the Biz Dev Pro.


Brett resides in Chandler, AZ.  He is an effective and successful strategist, helping individuals and businesses reverse engineer their desired outcomes to create the most accurate plan for fulfillment.  His focus on awareness, clarity, definiteness and congruence, helps his clients take actionable steps and feel good in the process.

Brett has helped businesses like Chick Fil A, BMW and the Global Information Network, to small retailers, artists, jewelers, real estate professionals, network marketers and many others.  He is effective in vision, plan, culture, strategy and leadership training.

Brett is also passionate about speaking, writing and training on how to architect and build a thriving tribe.  He is the co-founder of and co-founder of He is also the founder of and Best Business Directories, LLC.  He is published in the book “The Power of Giving” and currently completing “Thriving Tribes-The Keys to our Future”.

He would say that the best part of his BIO is yet to be written and would encourage everyone to focus on the present and what comes next.


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