Corporate to Entrepreneur

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When most people hear or see the word “corporate,” they think of an organization or large company. Contrary to that, when they hear the word “entrepreneur,” they think “risk-taker.”

Why is it that more and more corporate workers are making the jump to entrepreneurship? I interviewed several entrepreneurs and found a common theme: Time and Freedom.


Working a 9 to 5 corporate job absorbs most of your day giving little to no time for activities or time with family. While working in a corporate job, you are building someone else’s dream instead of your own, so it leaves less time for you.

Time is a commodity that is limited and we don’t know when ours will end. I firmly believe that life is too short to spend time doing what you don’t like. One of the most common phrases I heard when I worked at corporate was “I hate Monday.” Was it because they had to go back to work and leave their freedom (the weekend)? I say so.

As an entrepreneur, though, you have the ability to do whatever you wish with no curfew. Monday is just another glorious opportunity to solve someone else’s problem. You are in control of your schedule.

When you control your time; you control your life.


Men and women who take that leap of faith into the entrepreneurial world share similar reasons for making the jump out. In most cases it’s the desire to live a life of freedom while bringing value to others. Additionally, they want to make a positive impact in the world and create social change.

Entrepreneurs have a passion for sharing, giving and making the world better than they found it and don’t feel the same freedom to make a difference when working a corporate job.

While living a life of freedom is something most people dream about, most entrepreneurs are as close to freedom as you can get. Entrepreneurs make their own decisions; hence, FREEDOM.

When I worked as a legal secretary for a judge in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I was shackled to my desk and called it “my own personal prison.” Once I broke free of the chains that held me captive, I was able to live my life of freedom. Was it scary? Yes. Did I do it anyway? Yes. Do I regret it? Not for one minute. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

Those who go from corporate to entrepreneur want more out of life. Maybe you are meant to be an entrepreneur.

Going from corporate to entrepreneur is an amazing experience. The life of an entrepreneur is a long journey that brings a lot of happiness and I highly recommend it to anyone who is unhappy with their current situation. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Are you ready to make that leap of faith into entrepreneurship? Are you ready to risk failing? Welcome to my world. You’ll love it here.

Lynda Sunshine West


Growing up in an abusive household and having been previously married to an abusive man, Lynda knows the feeling of living a life filled with fear. When you live in fear, you cannot be free.

In 2015 she decided it was time to crush her fears and to start living her life. Every day she did one thing that scared her and embarked on a "Year of No Fear." What she discovered along her journey was that for every fear she crushed, she gained freedom. That's when Living Live was born.

Living Live's mission is to help 5.5 million women gain freedom in their life by helping them crush their fears one at a time. Her course, "12 Months to Freedom," is the path to living a life free of fear, a life of freedom.

If you are not living live, you are not living.