Create a Business as Strong as You Are


"If we were to look closely at an individual human being, we would immediately notice that it is a unique hologram unto itself; self-contained, self-generating, and self-knowledgeable. If we were to remove this being from its planetary context, we would quickly realize that the human form is not unlike a mandala or symbolic poem, for within its form and flow lives comprehensive information about various physical, social, psychological, and evolutionary contexts within which it was created."

Ken Dychtwald

Create a business as unique as you are is the tag line for my business consulting arm of the Goddess In Motion Institute I founded.

In the article, I wrote last year entitled "Offspring" I shared about birthing your business and shared how the birth of a child and the birth of a business are very similar.  In this article, I'm sharing how the foundation of your body is connected to the foundation of your business.

If what Ken Dychtwald is saying is right in the statement above; then we all can create a business as unique as we are or as dysfunctional as we are.

So then the question is how we can create a strong foundation for our business as entrepreneurs.

Here are three steps to lay out a supportive and strong foundation for you to create and build upon.

1. Take a sheet of lined paper and fold it in half and on the left side write what you are great at and on the right side write what you need assistance or areas that you need some more personal growth.

This is a natural process when you can look at your self without judgment and rather look at yourself with compassion.

Know that you were given gifts and talents but not all the gifts and talents and for that reason, we are here to co-create.

2. Take notice of where you can develop more in the five levels of the human experience which are spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social.  Continue to grow in all five levels; it can only benefit you and your business when you continually refine yourself and grow as a person. Also, remember to find partners or hire others with the gifts and talents that you need immediately to grow your company.

3. Create a body that is strong flexible and able to move, flow and grow.   Your business is a reflection of you. (The five levels of your human experience). Notice the way you carry yourself, the way you stand, the way you walk, move and flow.  Notice your feet, your legs, your pelvis and root ( chakra) these are your foundation.

"Curving back on myself I create again and again." Bhagavad Gita

You have the ability and awareness to create again and again through self-awareness.  Notice your strengths and weakness and begin to improve them in yourself, and you will see your business improve.

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