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“Ryan Stewman is the second greatest salesman from stage I have ever seen in the history of the business, right after me of course :)”

-Cole Hatter

Ryan Stewman is a CEO philanthropist and serial entrepreneur. Meet the king of making power moves! Ryan became an entrepreneur not out of some profound calling, not out of a burning need to be his own boss, but out of being solution oriented. When Ryan was looking for work, he found more than a few roadblocks; most companies wouldn’t hire a convicted felon. But that didn’t stop Ryan from finding a way to survive. This led Ryan to find a career in sales where he sold everything from car washes to anything surrounding the industry of real estate. 

Although there have been struggles in Ryan’s life, he is so happy with how far he has come and is proud to share his wealth by making his money matter. Helping organizations like The Dallas Can Academy, which provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits while attending high school through dual credit courses. When Ryan first met Cole, he thought that the idea of a for-purpose business was a silly hoax that Cole had made up, But as Cole explained what it meant to make money matter, it started connecting with Ryan. This is when Ryan truly realized how much he can give back, and what he can do to influence his community positively. Just last month helping over fourteen students get laptops, and have the opportunities available to them, that weren’t available to Ryan as he was growing up. Finding problems in his community and solving them is just part of the daily routine for Ryan!

Years of sales led Ryan to develop a solution-oriented mindset. This is when Ryan starts to build his empire. He started with coaching people in the mortgage industry, but as people saw his results, they started asking for more and more help. From that point on, Ryan has built an online education company called Break Free Academy, a software company, an asset management company, and a Marketing agency.

While developing all of these businesses, Ryan has learned what it means to make power moves and he wants to help you build your businesses through your strengths, and understanding your weaknesses. The first thing that Ryan has learned in his years of building successful businesses is that you need focus.

“You have what you focus on, so make sure to focus on the right thing.”

Focus is a superpower then you have been endowed with! Think of all the things humanity has done by applying their focus. Without focus, we would not have gone to the moon, established countries, or build massive skyscrapers once thought impossible. Do you think any of the men and women helping on those projects spent their time focusing on the problems in their lives? Most likely each person was focused on finding the solutions to the issues they were seeing. Remember if you want more problems then focus on your problems, but if you would like to grow in business and then life focus on solutions!

Ryan has found that as he was growing in business, he felt the need to know everything and do everything. His advice… Don’t do it like him! Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is so important. For example, if you are not good at social media then you have two options: focus in and figure it out, or invest in the right team member and focus on your strengths. Ryan’s strength was sales, so by investing in the right team to delete his other responsibilities allowed each company to grow to seven or eight-figure businesses per year. Having the right team alongside you will propel your business so much further than you can imagine! 

Above all, if there is one piece of advice that Ryan would give his younger self, it would be find new friends sooner. If you at this point in your life are a seven, and you begin to hang out nines and tens you will be pulled up towards those levels. If you are still at that seven-level, and you stay around fives, you will soon find yourself falling into those levels. The people you hang around are eventually what you will become. Since you are at Thrive, we know that you are someone that wants more out of life, so take a look at who you are spending time around. If you are trying to grow to a level ten, then start getting around people on that level, but if you want to stay exactly where you are right now, then stay in your same place, hang out with the same people, and do the same things. If you are ready to grow and make power moves, then it’s time for you to start leveling up your network as fast as possible.

Ryan Stewman


‘The Hardcore Closer'. CEO and Software creator Ryan Stewman is no stranger to the struggle. He started off in sales and despite every hardship you could imagine, he worked his way up the levels to and became a CEO running an 8 figure coaching empire and one of the fastest growing software companies in the market.


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