Creating The Foundations Of a New Reality


When I was 12 years old, I was bullied for being fat, stupid and living in a broken family. My entire life revolved around the same daily sayings other kids told me. One of them being, I will never be able to make and do anything useful with my life. My mom was always in and out of the picture trying to pay the bills, and my brother never wanted to look out for me because he had his own demons to battle, so I was ultimately on my own with nobody to look up to. This caused me to go into a depression at the time due to the environment I was in. Instead of trying to look towards a brighter future I played video games to try and evade the reality of what my life was, a freaking pile of crap.

Flash it forward five years, I moved to a new town with my parents, I workout 2-3 times a day, I am an active day trader and investor, graphics designer, motivator, ethical hacker and soon-to-be a Marine, and I'm not even 18 yet!

This is one of those too-good-to-be-true stories, and I know it may not apply to you, but at the root of this, it's the same as your story. We all have our valleys in life and the desire to climb out and reach our peaks, but not a lot of us know how we can get out, which is precisely what I want to talk to you about.

You see, we all have this flame burning inside of us — this desire to BECOME more, to SEE more, to HAVE more, to GROW more.

That is called your PASSION.

Passion is the foundation that will help you climb out of the hole that you're stuck in right now and help you push forward to where you want to be in life. That sweet spot that many have dreamed about but not many have dared to venture. We all have it, but how you choose to use your passion is up to you, you can either use it to your advantage and open your mind to the possibilities of achieving your desires or you can continue to lock it up inside your head and let the oxygen run out until it becomes smoke and ashes. Society will tell you that it would be in your best interest to put out the flame. But the people who tell you that are the ones who are not the lighthouses of life and should not be followed. It is very well known in psychology that our actions are determined by our "internal-beliefs" A.K.A. our passions and "External-Conflicts," i.e., our environment and who we surround ourselves with, so don't surround yourself with people who want to extinguish your flame.

Passion is the foundation for success, keep it alive, and it will do some great things for you. Create it, adapt to it, start living it.


A 17-year-old with a passion for helping others with a dream.