Crick, Crack, Crock - How Sturdy is your Foundation?


Life has many deadlines... including life itself. There are many pressures too, “Keep up with the Joneses” or should I say, “Keep up with the Kardashians?” These pressures can sometimes put us in a position to tempt us to speed up the process.

The question I have to ask though is, “How sturdy is your foundation?”

After all of the quick building... faking it until you make it... Instagram filters... and bought followers... can you depend on something substantial to stand on? Below I share three “Crick,” “Crack,” “Crocks” of an unsteady foundation inside of your business and also inside of your life.

1. Crick - Rushing toward success.

You unintentionally cut some corners to keep up with everyone else.

You then buy some cheap quality outsourced materials and end up having not only your Brand compromised, but you also lose money in all of your returns.

2. Crack - Not knowing the difference between friendships and business.

You can’t keep giving everyone a discounted version of you. It’s usually the people we care about the most that can do the most damage to us. Who cares what a stranger thinks of us - Am-I-Right? It’s the ones we care about the most that can sink our battleships quicker than anyone else. Know your worth and stick with it, even when close friends and family members might not have the highest of motives in your life.

3. Crock - Losing yourself.

Having a sturdy foundation is something that will hold up a building for years and possibly hundreds of years to come. Something that will protect, hold steady, and firm during the storms, hurricanes, floods, hail, wind, etc. The more successful you become in business, the more of a target you become to potential storms. The higher you build..., the more you MUST depend on having a solid foundation. You do not want to make something, investing YOUR time, money, energy, allocating resources and reputation... to have it collapse in front of everyone.

Start right by knowing your values and morals. Commit to always keeping them through the process to success if you want to have the longevity throughout the time that will hold.

Don’t trade a quick buck... for loose nails in your boards.

Commit to yourself and your vision.... so you don’t become the final crock in a mess.


Marc Beatty is a Published Author, Speaker, Influencer, and Marketer. He is on a mission to help people live their life much more intentionally and on purpose.

Twitter: MarcOnPurpose