Cucina Migrante – Unforgettable Culinary Experiences For Your Soul

At Cucina Migrante, Francesco Bonsi and Adisa Ziric have a special recipe - Delicious Food + Interesting People + Cultural Curiosity + Human Connection = One Unforgettable Dining Experience.

Francesco was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. He has spent much of his adult life living abroad and learning culinary arts and urban planning. Much of his career has been in academics, but he finds his true passion in bringing good food, fabulous wine, and fun-loving people together.

Adisa was born in Bosnia, and her parents came to San Diego, California when she was 15 years old. She has spent time with a vegan private chef and is dedicated to travel, cultures, and people to embrace diversity, lively conversation, and cultural exchanges. Adisa believes that all things are possible with good food, good people, and open hearts.

Francesco and Adisa believe that food is the connector of humans and that through food, people build bonds that last lifetimes. Both Francesco and Adisa have spent time living abroad in many countries, and they've noticed that here in the United States, the dining experience is not used to form and build relationships. It's not a social time like it is in other countries. So, they've joined forces to bring people together again – to form those bonds that create such a unique love for one another.

Shopping trips to farmer's markets, introductions to local farmers, group cooking, and three to four hours together is how Francesco and Adisa run their private cooking classes. They tour farmer's market, discuss locally grown ingredients, converse with local farmers, and educate guests on benefits of good, locally grown, organic food. They go without a menu in mind – just choose ingredients as they see them and teach how to pull together a great plan. Then they cook, exchange great conversation, and enjoy the meal together.

For Francesco and Adisa, building a community of strangers that come together to enjoy good food and great conversation and leave as friends is an ideal non-working business for them. They enjoy bringing people together to get to know one another. As I'm sure you've become accustomed to when you dine at a restaurant, it's just you and whoever you came with. At Cucina Migrante events, it's about community – bringing strangers together to create unforgettable culinary experiences that are for your soul.

When asked about their best advice to others who also want to create a business, they both had great advice. Adisa said to just do it. It's very easy here in the United States, and the rewards are phenomenally enriching. Francesco said to enjoy life. Whatever you choose to spend your time on, make sure you enjoy doing it. Embrace it. Money is important, but there are many more important things. Make your money in a way, so it feels like you don't have to work.

Francesco and Adisa also do popup dinners, corporate team building, chef at home, and food tours and travel.  To learn more, visit their website and their Facebook page




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