December Cover Feature: Casey Nicole Fox


Casey’s Favorite Quote: “Go big or go home.”

Meet our fearless leader and Editor-in-Chief, Casey Nicole Fox.

Casey is the one who makes this magazine happen! When our publisher and Casey visited the Thrive conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, they saw Kevin Harrington speak. During Kevin’s keynote he talked about how Facebook is the largest place for people to look at social media content; though Facebook produces no content themselves. That was the moment the idea for Life By Design magazine was birthed. On October 23rd 2017, only 22 days after it’s conception, Casey Nicole Fox and her team had the very first print edition for December 2017 in hand!

Outside of Life By Design magazine, Casey is equally driven. She is the COO, Chief Operating Officer, for Stegela Partners International Incorporated while also running four of her own businesses. When she is not devoting her time to helping other entrepreneurs create success through Life By Design, she is guiding starting entrepreneurs by working with San Diego’s #1 business and coaching mastermind.

Creating Life By Design magazine has impacted Casey’s life in so many ways (other than filling all of her remaining time). Casey has a dream to impact 1 million people in her lifetime. Life By Design magazine is just the start of this mission. Starting this magazine also gave her the inspiration she needed to get her personal story out there in the form of a book. Casey released her book “I Quit” at a Life By Design mixer to give the first look to the people who helped change her life. By seeing so many people share their stories she was inspired to share just how she got where she was and that it is ok to want to quit from time to time.

Being someone who went from working four day jobs to owning four of her own businesses, Casey has had some amazing experiences and has great advice for entrepreneurs. But above all else, her advice is to find a mentor. Find someone to show you how to avoid the mistakes that they have made so you don’t have to make them yourself. Without her mentors, Casey says she, “would probably be dead in a gutter somewhere.” This is why she is so insistent on finding a mentor. If you would like to know more about Casey’s story and how she found a mentor just reach out.

Casey is most excited to continue building Life By Design magazine and help give the information with the inspiration that it takes to build a career out of entrepreneurship. Building this magazine has helped Casey reach and impact so many lives, and she is so ready to continue creating a positive impact in the world and help entrepreneurs reach their ultimate goals.

If you would like to know more about Casey, you can connect with her at:



Instagram: @CaseyNicoleFox

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