December Cover Feature: Dominic Cruz

Dominic’s quote: “Be here, be now, make the day count.” -Dominic Cruz

What is going on everyone! We are coming at you with another amazing Life by Design team member. That's right, another one!

Our social media guru Dominic Cruz handles all of Life by Design’s social media and interaction! But Dominic doesn’t only do social media for Life by Design, he also is the founder and CEO of CruzIN Social Media, where he puts his clients’ social media on Cruz control. Dominic may be a social media guru, but he also is a keynote speaker, real estate investor, and a director for the Young Entrepreneur’s Society, a non-profit committed to bringing the spirit of entrepreneurship to the students.

Even though Dominic has a packed schedule, he makes sure to work with Life by Design because it has had such an amazing impact on his life. Dominic has learned so much about his own business and himself through the stories he helps tell. Realizing there are so many people out there that have been through the same struggle he has and prevailed, has helped Dominic propel himself to success. By working with Life by Design, Dominic has really found how amazing it is to give back to our community and how much he truly does want to continue giving.

As Dominic has found his journey through entrepreneurship, he has realized that you always have to believe in yourself. There will be many trials and tribulations, but you must keep pushing through if you want to gain massive success. Each new idea is something to explore, and each opportunity gives you a chance to learn more about business or even yourself. So no matter what is going on in your life, if you believe in what you are doing, you have to push through.

Dominic is excited the most by his up and coming speaking career! By sharing his story Dominic hopes to create a positive impact on the world and help other entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes he has made. As he continues this journey he is perfecting his speeches to give motivation and leadership skills, as well as motivation and success skills!

If you would like to get into contact with Dominic or book him to speak, you can reach him at:



Instagram: @DominicCruz88