December Cover Feature: Jennifer Meim

Jen’s Quote: "If nothing changes, nothing changes.” - Stephen Dela Cruz

Meet Life By Design’s Creative Director, Jennifer Meim! Jennifer has been with Life By Design since day one, and we literally mean day one! As the creative director, she is the creator of the look and feel of all of Life By Design. Jennifer works closely with our Editor-in-Chief to create the look for each and every magazine edition, the online version, and even some of our social media posts.

Jennifer isn’t only our creative director, she also runs Your Influencer Agency. This agency helps speakers get paid bookings. What a rock star right? Jennifer’s goal is to be the Jerry McGuire of speaking agents by not only getting them amazing paid gigs but also by creating a close relationship. She helps speakers get paid talks that line up with their values and fit in with each of their goals.

Although Jennifer has always been amazing, working with Life By Design magazine has helped her create belief in herself. When Life By Design was started, our publisher and Editor-in-Chief handed Jennifer the reins and gave her control and a lot of responsibility. This forced her to build Life By Design and gave her the belief in herself she needed. But that's not the only way Life By Design has impacted Jennifer. Every time we release a new edition, Jennifer loves seeing every person we impact. Life By Design’s goal is to create the information with the inspiration that entrepreneurs need to get the job done, and Jennifer loves impacting the lives of others in a positive way.

If you are just starting out, Jennifer has some advice for you. She started her transformation when she found someone that she wanted to become. Someone to look at what she is doing and help her adjust to build more success. If you are an entrepreneur and want to build success, Jennifer’s number one tip for you is to find that person for you and allow them to teach you how they gained success.

Jennifer is excited to be diving in deeper to working with Your Influencer Agency. Seeing a speaker is something that changed her life and now she wants to be able to create an impact by making sure your story gets told!

If you are looking to get into contact with Jennifer Meim you can reach her at:



Instagram: @j.meim

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