December Cover Feature: Kristen Crooks

Favorite Quote: “Life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream.”

Meet Life By Design’s Event Director! Kristen Crooks has been with Life by Design since we first started printing. Kristen started as an editorial assistant, but through hard work she has found her calling running our events. Every launch party Kristen is behind the scenes making sure things run as smoothly as possible!

Outside of Life by design Kristen focuses most of her time working with Stegela Success Mastery. Working with entrepreneurs to make sure they stay accountable to their goals, and helping create a community of entrepreneurs in San Diego! Kristen also spends her time working as a ghostwriter, and helping other people get their story out there!

Kristen is so grateful that she has been able to work with Life by Design for so long! She has had the chance to work closely with some of her personal heros’ and has an amazing time while she does it! Working with events helps Kristen to see the community she is helping build! Every event that Kristen helps run gives her a chance to help Life by Design’s community and build authentic connections with every person that walks though our door!

Events can be incredibly tricky with last minute changes, unexpected problems, and expectations to be an amazing event, this is why Kristens best advice for starting entrepreneurs is be flexible. The journey of owning your own business is a tough one, so remember to be open minded to new opportunities, and let the rough stuff roll off your shoulders.

Although Kirsten keeps very busy, the project she is most excited about is working with Women Of Worth! This is Life by Designs Women’s mixer where Kristen gets to connect with all the girl power she can! Women of Worth is a monthly mixer where Women in San Diego can connect and build influence and help impact the community! If you would like to know more about our events, or get into contact with Kristen contact her at.

If you are looking to get into contact with Kristen Crooks, you can reach her at:



Instagram: @crooks13