December Cover Feature: Mary Hang

Mary’s Quote: "If you're not networking, You're not in business.”

Meet the wonderful Auntie Mary Hang, who is the Marketing Director for Life By Design magazine. As the marketing director, Mary reaches out and finds people that want to share their story and impact San Diego’s entrepreneurship community. Auntie Mary helps connect San Diego’s thriving entrepreneurship community and gives opportunities to entrepreneurs to build, leverage, and impact other lives.

Outside of bringing the entrepreneurship community opportunities to further their impact and build more clientele, Mary is considered the ultimate connector. Mary has spent countless hours building her network and now she helps her network meet their needs and connect to people who can further their success. But she isn’t called Auntie Mary for nothing. Mary’s favorite hat to wear is spending her time to give back to the youth. Through the Young Entrepreneur’s Society, Auntie Mary builds the youths’ personal development skills, business development skills, and confidence. The high schoolers in the Young Entrepreneur’s Society love her so much that they gave her the nickname “Auntie Mary”.

Life By Design magazine has allowed Mary to give others the opportunity to share their voice and their dreams. The magazine has inspired her to not only network with people and help them network themselves, but to have people share their voice – to tell their story to reach their audience.

Mary's advice to starting entrepreneurs to grow their business is to find someone that is somewhere you want to be, someone that resonates with your vision and your values and then copy them. Don't waste time reinventing the wheel. Just find someone who is already doing what you want to do, someone that aligns with your vision and values and do what they do. Also, Mary highly encourages entrepreneurs to network and meet as many people as possible – if you are not networking, you are not in business. Networking is what helps Mary create clients, build relationships, and increase her income. Although it may be a difficult task for some, networking is an essential part of business!

Mary's current project that she is most excited about is her book. She is authoring a collaborative book titled Letters to Me, Life Lessons I Wish I Knew. Her goal is to provide wisdom, help people move beyond things that hold them back - things that cause their limiting beliefs. Spending so much of her time working with the youth shows Mary how many kids have limiting beliefs, and she wants to help each one of them move past those beliefs.

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Instagram: @Everyones_Auntie_Mary