Design An Inspirational Outdoor Environment for Your Family

Design An Inspirational Outdoor Environment for Your Family


Imagine an outdoor space with big dining table under the pergola where your family is having a happy time. You hear a relaxed voice of a bird's song, and the smell of herbs spread through the terrace. You see lounge chairs next to the contemporary swimming pool, and you see an open fire. You look at the breathtaking sunset over the ocean, and you feel a light breeze coming from the ocean. You are connected to the infinite source of universal energy and having a happy life with your family. Imagine a space that inspires you, refreshes your brain, and renews your spirit and body's energy. 

My name is Yura; I am a founder of LASD Studio, San Diego. Our design studio creates inspirational outdoor environments that heal your spirit and body energy by providing a connection with the pure power of nature. Through our 15 years of international experience, we found that it is important to build your home with a special, inspirational design for your home and family. 

Here are the top 6 tips for designing your inspirational outdoor space for your home: 

1. Write down what inspires you most in life.

2. Create your garden design using five senses: sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste.

3. Think about what your body needs most to restore your energy.

4. Use plants and materials from the local ecosystem to reduce brain activity, as well as to create a more sustainable design.

5. Avoid the busyness of different materials, lines, and styles while planning your outdoor environment.

6. Plan your exterior space based on what your soul needs, instead of what your brain tells you to do. 

These are the most important design principles for designing a space for mindfulness that will renew your spirit and body energy. 

Creating inspirational environments are all about connecting your personal needs with the pure power of nature.  

It is no longer a surprise that negative people, thoughts, and stressful situations significantly reducing our personal energy. This is the same law for our outdoor physical environment. It is essential to design your outdoor environment that brings a source of positive energy to your family. Also, a space with positive energy will inspire you in daily life. It is important to have a place where we can reconnect with the universal energy of nature as the source for restore spirit and body. 


Yura Lotonenko,

Yura Lotonenko