Design Your Destiny


A teenager from a small town in Missouri had vast dreams of escaping his hopeless environment and determining his own future. Dayton Mills lives and breathes technology. At the time, his only personal possession included his laptop, which he slept next to on the floor in his sister’s house.

Every morning, he would get up and obsessively code the website that would finance his goal of moving to California. Dayton spent every waking second, creating software for Minecraft server analytics. His service platform became so popular it was eventually acquired by a company for a lump sum. So, at 19 years old, his vision began to manifest in real life.

Moving to California

Once he was situated in San Diego, he enrolled in a 12-week coding boot camp at UCSD. Here, is where he joined forces with individuals similarly intent on changing the world. The new generation opened doors no one could’ve possibly predicted or perceived, and they wanted to be the first people to go through.

For their final assignment, they had to make an app. Dayton’s group wanted to integrate the best aspects of today’s most accomplished apps but add their own twist. They decided their app would be called Beekn, an entirely new type of social network. Beekn allows people to be socially active without the pressure of finding something to do or somewhere to go.

The course ended, and they unanimously passed. Each member of Dayton’s group went their own separate ways. But, not before being noticed by the teacher’s aid, who would become an investor. Dayton was eager to make an impact in a new market. When he decided to reignite Beekn, he knew exactly who to contact for advice and a bit of guidance. The teacher’s aid loved the idea and offered to fund it, right then and there. Dayton called up the group members that worked on the project with him, and a revolutionary idea was reborn.

Taking the Media Out of Social Media

Beekn’s mission is to bring people from all over, face to face. When Dayton newly arrived in the city, he didn’t know anyone or anything to do. Beekn allows anybody to “Host” their own “Event” such as a pool party, no invite needed. Everybody can stop by. If you feel like having a cookout or a movie night and want to meet new people, Beekn makes this possible. This can also be great for organizing mixers of any kind.

Human interaction in every country is slowly diminishing. People who have similar interests seem to be growing further apart as the year's pass. Beekn is reversing that and revolutionizing the way people view relationships with others. The app itself is currently being developed but be on the lookout for it on the app store at the end of this year.




My name is Steven, I have lived in San Diego all my life and I love to learn. My goal is to one day bring creative and new original ideas into this world. I am a essayist, poet and screenwriter.