Digital Scaling

Digital Scaling


"When starting a new business endeavor, it is of utmost importance to see if the time-to-scale ratio is in proportion." - Kevin David

Scaling is the name of the game when it comes to new digital media, and the information age that society has recently entered. This is why digital courses have completely taken over the game, the ability of scalability. Let's take a look at two different options when creating a business. In one business model, you can create a bakery. You are going to need to rent out a physical location. You are going to have to set up inventory, pass food inspection laws, hire employees and create a payroll, amongst a series of other hoops and games that you have to play to see a profit hopefully. If your business does well enough, you can then go and do the same process for another location, and eventually franchise it out in a system. OR. You can teach business owners how to run a successful bakery. 

Your physical location is a ClickFunnel or landing page. Your payroll is yourself. Your costs of running a business go from thousands a month to simply the cost of hosting the domain. The scalability is infinitely more in this model. You can help 1,000 business owners with the information that you hold instead of only yourself. When it comes to the future of business, and the invent of digital marketing, brick and mortar stores are going to become fewer and far between as compared to internet-based businesses. We are starting to see this effect with our in-person shopping, whether that be retail clothing or grocery shopping. The ease and accessibility of being able to order something online without leaving the comfort of your home are infinitely more scalable than placing expensive big box stores in crowded areas of populated cities. From 2019 to forever, scalability is going to come from a digital standpoint. Don't believe me? Compare the annual revenues of Amazon versus Sears and Toys R Us. It's non-competition. Use the information you hold, create a course, and scale that thing up to monumental proportions. 


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