Disrupt an Industry

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How do you get over 6,000 new clients, host and sell out a nationwide conference, and disrupt an industry in less than two years? It’s actually really simple. You become a thought leader.

Hi, my name is Mark, and I have a successful online course where I teach thousands of people how to be Loan Signing agents. If you don’t know what that is, every time a Mortgage closes, a loan signing agent is hired to walk the borrower through their loan documents. You don’t need a college degree. You don’t need any experience, just a notary commission from your state. For your skill of pointing to where a home borrower signs in their loan documents, you can get paid $75 to $200. Plus, that appointment takes less than an hour! Crazy, right!? So, that’s what I do. I help people make money as signing agents via an online course called Loan Signing System.

Before Loan Signing System, there was essentially ONE company that dominated this industry. So what did I do?

I became a thought leader... I started a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, and I simply started sharing what I knew. I wasn’t asking anyone to buy anything on those social media outlets. I just shared the knowledge… for free!  And do you know what happened? People started following me. At first, it was just a few dozen… then a few hundred… then a few thousand. Now I have over 750,000 views on YouTube and nearly 25,000 followers on all my social media channels combined.

Okay… I know...  that may be a far cry from an influencer like Gary Vee, but I am now THE most followed and viewed person within my niche. And because of that, I was able to create a new business that helps people learn and grow in my industry. I have over 6,000 students and sold out a nationwide conference! It all started by just sharing what I know on free social media outlets.

Being a thought leader is nothing more than producing content…. a lot of it… and then sharing it for free. You can be a thought leader in your industry or your niche by merely producing content! On as many platforms as you can handle. Let’s be honest. Gary Vee isn’t saying anything groundbreaking. His message is work hard, then work harder. But, he spreads that same message on every platform!

You don’t need to overthink how to be a thought leader in your niche. Stop thinking, and just start producing a piece of content today. Then share it and repurpose it on all the platforms you have. Then do that again. Every day, every week, every month and every year. You will become a thought leader. Simply by default. Why? Because content is king.  

I shoot content on my phone and upload it to YouTube. Then repurpose it to all of my platforms. It’s really that simple. The best part of being a thought leader is your ability to change people’s lives. The coolest part of changing other people’s lives is, in return, your life changes. Which is why that’s why my number one recommendation for your content is to focus on helping your viewers improve their lives… not on what you can sell them!

Most entrepreneurs won’t share their expertise until someone pays for it first. But, the best thought leaders understand that you share your knowledge first, help them improve their lives, and they will naturally want to BUY your product or service. You do that through free content! Create a post, share your knowledge regularly and FOCUS on helping your viewers improve their lives! I’m excited to see you grow your business and become a thought leader in your space.

Mark Wills

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