Do You Have ‘FOMO’?


Do you have FOMO? Do you have fears that hold you back from accomplishing your dreams? Did you know that FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out? And it’s a real thing?

Some of the recognizable traits of FOMO are:

1) anxiousness about leaving an active party because you might miss “the big thing,” or

2) angst when you find out someone had an event and you weren’t invited (Why wasn’t I invited? Are they mad at me? What did I do?), or

3) an anxious feeling when you are watching QVC and they say, “We only have ___ left” and you HAVE to buy it NOW or you will lose out, or

4) when attending a seminar and the speaker says that if you don’t “buy it now” the price WILL go up you throw down your credit card and don’t even know what you bought or why you bought it AND you have 10 other programs sitting on your shelf at home that you haven’t finished (the infamous shelf-development), or….

You get the point. You DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON ANYTHING.

FOMO can be costly. If you don’t know how to deal with it and end up letting it control you, you can lose everything.

FOMO isn’t always a bad thing because it often moves you into action to get shiz done, right? You work harder than anyone else, right? You want to LEAD the pack, not get left out, right?

Here’s one tip to rid yourself of FOMO instead of letting it control you.

First, you must admit you have it.

Second, you must recognize what it feels like WHILE in the middle of the FOMO episode.

Last, you must notice how you feel when you bought something that you probably shouldn’t have.

When you are in the middle of a FOMO episode, try this 6-letter word that has been instrumental in ridding me of it. I use it FREQUENTLY when I am faced with a potential FOMO experience. BUDGET!

I have discovered that before I attend an event where sales might be happening from the “back of the room” that I need to gather my thoughts ahead of time and prepare an event BUDGET.

If the cost of the product is more than I have budgeted for, then I don’t buy it. Plain and simple.

Budgeting has given me the gift of control and has saved me thousands of dollars. There will always be another program that will do the same thing or may be even better.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to buy it NOW. Try saying this: “I love your product and really want to buy it, but it is not in my budget for this year.”

Try it out. Let me know how it goes.

There are more techniques, but this technique will get you started. And...I have a product that you need to buy right now to get started right away. Haha! FOMO humor.

Lynda Sunshine West

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Being a woman who grew up in an abusive environment and having been previously married to an abusive man, I know the feeling to not have a voice. As I began my journey to find my voice, I realized I always had one. Through the discovery of my voice, I noticed how much of an impact I made. Utilizing all of my personal development experiences, I want to help people become influencers and leaders in their field to make an even greater impact on those they serve. 

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