Do You Love Food and Your Waistline?

I’m in love with both wholeheartedly, yet the love of one of them usually outweighs the other. Which of course always seems to show up on the scale.

For that reason, I had to create a lifestyle of hacks. For those of you whose weight goes up and down, like mine, lean in. Also, those who adore food and want to remain healthy, here are the hacks I use to be a healthy foodie who loves her waistline.

1. Cooking at home.

You are the sole proprietor of your taste buds and commander-in-chief of your health. Only you will know how much salt goes into what you’re eating.

2. Colorize your plates.

Your plate should always look like the colors of the rainbow. A plate with a grilled red pepper, grilled yellow squash, sautéed green spinach, and fresh pink salmon not only will taste good but look beautiful. The more colorful, the better for your system.

3. Find cheaper organic food.

Farmers Market's are the best place to get real food. They are often cheaper than most health food stores also. Find local farmers in your area. They usually have everything you need, and they will save you money.

4. Cucumbers and water.

Our body is made up of at least 60% of water, not coffee. To keep kidneys employed, balance your fluids and protects your joints, you must drink half your body weight in water daily. The thing about cucumber is they take drinking water to another level. It protects you from aging, reduces bad breath, and fights against inflammation in the body. These two together are beasts!

5. Seafood is your friend.

The answer to your nails growing and skin glowing will be found in halibut. It contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and B6. Instead of drinking a protein shake after a workout, have a piece of baked cod that has 21 grams of protein. It’s also known to be an Alzheimer and cancer blocker. To improve your memory, eat some salmon. It also keeps your bones strong and reduces your chances of having a stroke.

Use this hacks to keep your waistline fine, while you enjoy a bite of each meal. Happy eating!


I was the girl always looking for love and recognition outside of myself. My desire to be seen and acknowledged was attached to my self-worth. It took me breaking away from self-sabotaging relationships, losing friends and burying my mother, to understand that self-love is the only gift that will consistently fill me up.


The woman in me learned that pain, insecurities and rejection have to be covered with the makeup of self-love. This is why my heart work is helping women understand and walk in consistent love with who they are.


This is why The Logan Design Project offers your soul a daily vacation. This is done through our affirmation clothing and coffee mugs online boutique, YouTube videos and blogs. Reminders of how great you really are sent to you weekly.


I look forward to growing in more self-love with you.