Do You Really Think Your Day Job Is “Safe”?


Even if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you probably didn’t dive right into the whole “work for yourself” thing head first. That’s a good move, right? I mean, it’s risky. It’s scary. And, worst of all, there are no guarantees! I did take the leap a few years back, so I know exactly how true all that is.

Even if you continue building your boss’ dream company, you’re not holding yourself back. Not at all. Every wishful entrepreneur who holds a 9-5 steady day job isn’t faking it as an entrepreneur. I personally know that you can work a job and still be a real entrepreneur. I did it for over a decade.

But you need to do more than just work your 9-5 job. A lot of people want to do more… launch an app, start consulting, build a tech startup or something equally cool. They just don’t want to do these things on the side because they don’t feel the need right now.

Most people want to do these things out of sheer boredom or passion, not out of necessity. That is why most of these side projects remain hobbies for years upon years. The #1 objection that I hear when people tell me their reasons for not starting a business is, “I don’t have enough time to dedicate to it right now.” Not even 1-2 hours per week?

They’d rather be all or nothing with it. Let me point out the obvious: a day contains 24 hours. For everyone. Successful people, millionaires, and app CEOs don’t get any extra time in their day to make their dreams come true. They just prioritize what they do with their time better than others.

But tell someone that and you’ll probably get an eye roll. That is because they don’t have any driving need to start their company yet. All because they have a “safe 9-5 corporate job.”

Here’s the truth…

Your Safe Job Isn’t Safe At All

It’s probably barely riskier than starting your own thing. Don’t believe me? What about this scary thought: YOU CAN GET FIRED! At any time. Seriously. Need some convincing? Think it through. Do you know anyone who has been laid off? Or fired? Anyone who had their company cut back hours because of “hard times”? How about a whole department, division or even whole company shut down? It happens. And it happens more than you think. Hell, it happened to me.

That is what forced me to take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship!

Thankfully, I had several “side hustles” going on at the time, so when I was fired out of the blue one day - with a wife, infant son, car payments, mortgage, etc., all waiting for me at home - I wasn’t screwed, like I should have been. Because when that happens to most people, believe me, they are screwed.

What will you do to prepare yourself in case it happens to you?

Steve Eakin


Steve Eakin is a startup founder, Jeet Kune Do black belt and taco addict. He is the CEO of Startup Black Belt: Helping people build, grow and scale their startups and the CTO of VenPath: The worlds largest data marketplace for accurate, compliant data.