Do You Remember Where You Are Going?


Do you remember the day you decided to be an entrepreneur?

Maybe you left your job at Corporate America, or maybe you were always Independent like today.

I want to take you back to that day when you make that big decision that would change your life forever. The day you start this Path Called Entrepreneurship.

What was the dream behind it? Maybe having more time, or endless possibilities, or freedom, changing the world or all of the above?

We all know that being an Entrepreneur can be a very harsh and lonely path, trying to learn as much as you can from your mistakes, having more falls than victories and above all, being the only responsible for all the decisions that you make.

And sometimes, during this new life, we can really forget what it was all about at the very beginning.

For me being an entrepreneur always meant freedom, freedom for me and for anyone else I could reach out to, It was about changing the world, dreaming big and embracing my greatness even when enormous challenges got in the way.

But sometimes, along the way, between the fear of losing, the fear of missing and the: I have no idea what to do; next, we may lose sight of our real reasons.

I want you to connect for a moment with that dream, with that precise moment when you made that decision that changed your life forever, remember that feeling, that sensation, maybe some fear, many doubts, and that urge inside of you filled with hope and excitement.

Maybe that moment happened years ago, perhaps you are still on the way to get where you dreamt of being, perhaps you have some days when you feel ready to give up wondering if “that” was the right decision, maybe…

But today, I want to invite you to take a leap of faith again, to go back to that moment when it all got started, please write down everything you can remember, what motivated your change?  What was your dream? How did it feel?

Close your eyes for a second and Imagine you are back at that precise day. Check all your senses, and connect again with each one of them.

And now I want you to ask yourselves this questions:

  1. What I am doing today, is it in alignment with my dream?

  2. Do I take every day at least one action that gets me closer to my dream?

  3. Do I feel the same excitement I had on that day? And if not, what can I do to get it back?

  4. How will I feel the day I accomplished my goal? The first of many. (Make sure you honestly feel it in your body, your heart, and your soul).

Now it is time to be grateful, to enjoy that precious moment, take some time to stay present to how will you feel when you make it. Like I heard so many times: “Make decisions from where you want to be” and for that, you need to remember where you are going.

“You were designed for accomplishment, engineer for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” - Zig Ziglar

Sylvia Chavez


Let me introduce you to Sylvia Chavez, an Extraordinary Love Coach with over 15 years experience serving women all over the world. Sylvia has cracked the code for true and for ever lasting love. She believes you can write your own love story beyond your wildest dreams without settling for anything less than what your soul and heart truly desire.